Harry Potter Star Jessie Cave Got Asked About Those Viral Adult Potter Fan Comments, And She Shared Her ‘Hope’

The Harry Potter series stands out as one of the most significant, beloved, and best movies of the 2000s, earning a devoted and vocal fanbase. However, Miriam Margolyes, who brought Professor Pomona Sprout to life on screen, recently expressed a starkly different sentiment, sharing her worry for the fans of the franchise as well as suggesting it’s time for Potter adults to move on from the Wizarding World with a rather blunt remark about growing up. This perspective quickly captured public attention. In light of these comments, another former Potter star, Jessie Cave, was prompted to share her thoughts, expressing her “hope” for the controversial statement.

During a Harry Potter fan convention held in France on March 23, Cave was asked about her thoughts on Margolyes’ controversial opinions. The actress expressed her disappointment in a video posted to the conventions YouTube channel, noting:

It’s such a shame that that happened. You know how she is, she’s just a bit funny. And I think she didn’t mean for it to be taken like that, I hope.

The Lavender Brown performer shared her perspective, acknowledging that Margolyes often uses humor and might not have expected her remarks to be taken so seriously. Nevertheless, Cave felt disappointed by the comments. She emphasized the significant influence of the wizarding series, pointing out:

I really don’t like that she said that. It’s such an amazing thing that Harry Potter has done. It’s created a fan base that has aged and is still bonded through it, and it’s passed on to younger generations, and that’s what is so amazing. She probably just doesn’t understand that or get that. Just let her be. I think this situation is very unusual.

Devon Murray, known for his role as Seamus Finnigan, was seated beside Cave and concurred with her remarks, receiving applause from the audience. The 82-year-old veteran stage and screen actress may not fully understand the extent to which Harry Potter has created a sense of connection and community that transcends generations. She certainly couldn’t have expected her comments to have such a profound impact on Potterheads. In light of this, Cave’s “let her be” perspective could be a wise approach.

The video below shows the Buffering actress’s complete interview at Dream It Conventions. She appeared alongside fellow OG Harry Potter cast members Grint and others, including Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), and James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins, Fred and George).

Even though Ms. Margolyes has reservations about the Harry Potter universe, the franchise continues to thrive. With the last film released years ago, anticipation is building for an upcoming Harry Potter TV series to debut in 2026. Meanwhile, all eight movies that chronicle the adventures of the “Boy Who Lived” and his eclectic group of friends, including Jessie Cave’s character Lavender Brown, can now be streamed with a Peacock subscription.

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