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House! (2000) Review

Written by Eric Styles and Jason Sutton, House! is a 2000 British show directed by Julian Kemp. It was produced by Michael Kelk, with Adam Sutcliffe and Christopher Figg working as the film’s executive producers. House! features Kelly Macdonald, Freddie Jones, Jason Hughes, Miriam Margolyes and Danny Roberts.

The Unforgettable La Scala

The film had unforgettable scenes, especially featuring the age-old bingo hall, La Scala, where several fans came to play bingo. Amid the rumours of a remake, this movie would obviously have to reflect contemporary times. With technological advancements shaping how fans access bingo halls, online casinos could be a great ground for inspiration. These platforms have become popular in our modern day because of their evolving product portfolios, like the slingo games selection, where players can immerse themselves in combined bingo and slot environments. A contemporary retelling of House! could go in several directions, considering how fans access bingo environments today.

Macdonald played Linda, while Jones took up the role of Mr. Anzani. Margolyes and Hughes were featured as Beth and Gavin, with Danny Robert playing Andy. The magical interplay of characters as the film moves from one scene to another keeps audiences engaged. Gavin, who, at times, is perceived as nauseating, is an ambitious smoothie, though. At the same time, Mr Anzani exudes a natural Mediterranean/Welsh charm that elates ladies during the interval, while Linda plays innocent until Auntie Beth dares her.

Plot Overview

La Scala, owned by Anzani, was once the largest bingo hall in the United Kingdom. Despite the challenges the company has sustained, one thing remains promising: loyal employees. It has been a family business for three generations, acting as a musical hall, variety theatre, and now a cinema and bingo hall.

However, as the small town in South Wales promises investment returns, more international companies keep coming to the region, which means more competition for La Scala. This is witnessed when the large international conglomerate announces its plan to set up a behemoth entertainment hub near La Scala. Amid these happenings, Linda uses her psychic gift, which was in her mother, to rescue the age-old bingo hall.

The Minds Behind the Show

Kjell Vassdal, the cameraman, contributed to the film’s visual aesthetic. Leila Ransley participated as the costume designer, while Jon Williams and Alan Jones worked as the assistant director and sound director, respectively. The Film Factory was in charge of the digital visual effects. The list cannot end without mentioning Jonathan Rudd, who worked as the editor; Mark Thomas, the mind behind the musical score; and Tom Pearce, the art director.

House! has received several positive reviews.. On IMDb, it averaged a score of 6 out of 10 for a total of 422 votes. Other applauses came from renowned figures like Derek Elley, who praised the film’s directorship and Macdonald’s performance in a Variety review post.

Overall, House! is a gem of British cinema, offering a refreshing take on the traditional coming-of-age story. With its stellar performances and memorable characters, it remains a standout show in television history.

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