‘The Night of the Hunter’ – Scott Derrickson Directing New Adaptation of Classic Novel

There haven’t been all that many Easter-themed horror movies over the years, with most fans agreeing that Mick Garris’ Critters 2 still remains the definitive Easter horror movie.

It’s not the only one, of course, with the “Easter” segment of horror anthology Holidays being a personal favorite of mine. But the pickings for Easter horror are slim, to say the least.

The good news? A brand new Easter horror movie has added itself to the mix this week, with the indie effort Easter Bloody Easter now available for rental on VOD outlets.

The bad news? Well, it’s probably not very good. In fact, Geof Capodanno gave the film just 2 stars in his review for Bloody Disgusting, which you can read right here.

Geof writes, “You can tell the film is a passion project with a limited budget, and everyone is having a blast making it. While that is always commendable, it shouldn’t be used to excuse its inflated running time, pacing issues and abrupt tone-shifting. These flaws ultimately drag the film down from achieving cult classic status, which absolutely seemed to be the goal.”

But if you want to give this one a chance, you’ll find it on VOD outlets now!

Here’s the official synopsis: “The film follows Jeanie (Diane Foster), who, after discovering her husband missing and his car wrecked with blood and fur, embarks on a journey with her friend Carol to uncover the truth behind the town’s dark legend of the killer Jackalope — a shapeshifting human-rabbit hybrid that terrorized the area a century and a half ago. Now, Jeanie and Carol must team up with professional bunny slayer Megan to save their small Texan town — on the eve of celebrating “Easter-palooza” — and stop the Jackalope once and for all.”

From what we gather, the team is hoping that Easter Bloody Easter will launch a franchise, but that of course depends on how many people plunk down their money to check it out.

Do we have a new Easter horror franchise on our hands? Or will the Critters franchise forever remain the reigning king of that arena? Check out Easter Bloody Easter on VOD to find out.

Easter Bloody Easter review

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