Teaser: Jeff Goldblum as Zeus in Netflix Series ‘Kaos’

Netflix has released the first trailer for Kaos, its upcoming dark comedy, which shows us Jeff Goldblum as the all-powerful Zeus. The series will debut in 2024.

“Having long enjoyed his status as King of The Gods, Zeus’ reign has never been truly threatened. That is until he wakes up one morning and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. Believing it to be the harbinger of an ancient prophecy which foretells his destruction, neurosis sets in: Zeus becomes convinced his fall is coming. As his paranoia takes hold, the God of Gods – seeing signs everywhere – starts to dangerously self-destruct. And he’s right to be worried,” reads the logline. “Zeus’ one time friend and now prisoner, Prometheus, is orchestrating a plan to bring him down. The plan involves three disparate humans, all of whom are totally unaware of their cosmic significance or the part they must play in saving the world. No pressure. (Some pressure).”

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