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Thursday Release First New Song in 13 Years

Thursday have released their first new song since 2011. It’s called ‘Application for Release From the Dream’, and it arrives 13 years to the day since the release of the post-hardcore band’s last album No Devolución. They debuted it live at a concert in Albany, NY, and it’s also their first single in 25 years without a record label. Listen below.

Announcing the new single on Instagram, Thursday shared the following statement:

Tonight we release our first song in 13 years. It’s also our first release in 25 years WITHOUT a record label. That’s 25 years since we set out in a small white van to play basements and VFW Halls — attics, kitchens and back yards — with a bunch of burned CDRs marked in black Sharpie: “Summer Tour ’99.” In those 25 years, there were so many highway breakdowns, so many emergency rooms, run-ins with the law. So much time laughing in the studio, so many hours huddled together backstage or loading gear in the rain. And yes, 25 years of legal disputes and public blowouts. But now we are free. Free to make our own mistakes. Free to turn this band into whatever we dream it to be, whether we want to make it a collective of rotating members, a small cottage industry, a publishing house, a record label, or just a group of friends still having fun together after all these years. So tonight we step on stage at a tiny independent venue like we would’ve played when we were releasing Full Collapse (23 years ago this week) or again when we released No Devolucion (13 years ago this week). The kind of place we hope we get to keep playing at for as long as they’ll have us. Because no matter the size of the stages we’ve played in those 25 years, we remain— at heart — a small band, a bunch of kids still screaming in a basement. But we’re your small band and we love you. Thanks for everything. We’ll see you at midnight, in your time zone. “It’s just a moment now.”

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