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Bloody FM, the premier destination for spine-chilling podcasts, is thrilled to unveil that Hometown Ghost Stories is now available as a video podcast on Spotify. Hosted by the dynamic trio of Rob Coakley, Jesse Wilkins, and Dave Wilkins, this new addition promises to deliver captivating narratives and bone-chilling visuals to both old and new listeners.

Rob Coakley, paranormal investigator and co-host of “Hometown Ghost Stories,” expressed his enthusiasm for the podcast’s transition to video on Spotify, stating, “We’re excited for old and new listeners to get to see the haunting visuals we craft for each episode. We think this will add another layer to help listeners get lost in the stories, while still having fun along the way.”

The inaugural video episode, titled “The Old Montana State Prison,” plunges viewers into the heart of one of America’s most notorious haunted locations. From its inception in 1871 to its closure in 1979, The Old Montana State Prison has been steeped in a history of violence, despair, and paranormal activity.

Watch/listen below, or find Hometown Ghost Stories wherever you get your podcasts and on YouTube.

Synopsis of Episode 118 – The Old Montana State Prison:

Located in Deer Lodge, Montana, The Old Montana State Prison served as a formidable correctional facility for over a century. Throughout its tumultuous existence, the prison bore witness to countless tragedies, including riots, executions, and untimely deaths. Today, visitors and paranormal investigators report chilling encounters with the restless spirits of former inmates, from disembodied voices echoing through the cellblocks to apparitions lurking in the shadows. Join hosts Rob Coakley, Jesse Wilkins, and Dave Wilkins as they delve into the dark history and ghostly hauntings of The Old Montana State Prison, uncovering the eerie secrets hidden within its walls.

With the launch of “Hometown Ghost Stories” as a video podcast on Spotify, listeners can now immerse themselves in the spine-tingling tales and ghostly investigations brought to life by Dave, Jesse, and Rob. Prepare to be captivated by the supernatural as you embark on a journey into the realm of the supernatural.

Hometown Ghost Stories podcast team at a live event

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