Watch Miles Teller Take Top Gun: Maverick’s Viral Rooster Wiggle To A New Level While His Wife Trolls His Dance Moves

Top Gun: Maverick was a colossal hit when it hit theaters in the summer of 2022, not only at the box office and Academy Awards, but through the viral moments it created for its stars. Memorably, Miles Teller’s shirtless dancing as Rooster became a huge deal on the internet. Almost two years later, Teller is still delivering the moves, and his wife Keleigh Teller has done us all a solid by recording her husband taking the Rooster Wiggle to a whole new level!

Keleigh Teller took to her TikTok this week to share a hilarious video of Miles Teller dancing like nobody’s watching while the couple was seemingly on vacation. Over two million views later, the actor has another viral dance on his hands. Check it:

♬ original sound –

Miles Teller really knows how to get down! Keleigh Teller shared a little compilation of his recent shirtless moves with his swim trunks and headphones on, and it’s reminiscent of his viral Top Gun moment. Here’s how she captioned the video:

#tellertok #exoticdance #professionaldancer #fyp

You gotta love how supportive and insistent Keleigh is on broadcasting Miles Teller’s dance moves with the world! She initially posted the video against a sound from The Steve Wilkos Show, which was a spinoff of The Jerry Springer Show. In the original video the sound is chosen from, a woman is asked by Wilkos to look at her man before saying “and that’s what you’re going to settle for” to her. Here’s how the comment section responded to the video:

  • “You win, no need to rub it in 😠”
  • “I love that actor Miles Teller is the same as real life Miles Teller.”
  • “I just wanna know what he’s listening to”
  • “He is beauty, he is grace 😭”

Considering Miles Teller is something of a Hollywood heartthrob, especially for his part in the Top Gun: Maverick cast, many commenters were absolutely tickled, and apparently a little jealous that Keleigh Teller has a husband with so many moves to bust out. Along with those comments, others requested she change the sound of the video, which she happily did. When one person said the video was a “missed opportunity” to not use the Footloose song, she reposted it with movie theme, like so:

♬ Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Miles Teller was in the 2011 remake of Footloose, so the comment was on point. Keleigh Teller also ended up reposting it with “Let’s Hear It For The Boy,” also from Footloose, and “Great Balls Of Fire” from Top Gun. She was clearly having a blast interacting with the internet on the video!

When Miles Teller was previously asked about the origin of his Rooster Wiggle, he shared that he was actually doing the dance on set during a moment where he didn’t know the camera was on him. With that in mind, the viral moment captures Teller’s real dance moves rather than it being a staged moment. Aside from Teller’s wife recording all his dance moves on TikTok, you can look forward to Miles Teller being in the Michael Jackson biopic next. Michael hits theaters on April 18, 2025.

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