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3 Body Problem Season 2: Latest News, Rumors & Potential New Series

3 Body Problem is Netflix’s new science fiction series, which has gained huge popularity among viewers and appreciation from critics since its debut. The series comes from the creators of Game Of Thrones. It has become one of the most expensive projects, with an average cost per episode of more than $20 million.

Though Netflix has not officially confirmed the second season of 3 Body Problem, certain factors confirm that fans will soon be watching the new season. Like other fans of this series, you also want to know when the new episodes will be released. Stay with us and find all the latest news about 3 Body Problems here!

Will There Be 3 Body Problems Season 2?

Three-Body Problem season 1 consists of eight episodes based on Cixin Liu’s Hugo Award-winning novel. The show has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the public and has remained at the top of Netflix’s most-watched shows each week. Therefore, for now, the viewers are waiting for the next season.

Though Netflix has not made any announcements regarding season 2, the hopes are higher as the series has become a mega-hit. Besides that, the other factors which ensure that there will be a second season are:

  • 3 Body Problem is the first book in the trilogy. Therefore, seasons 2 and 3 will naturally adapt to The Dark Forest and Death’s End. So, get ready for not only season 2 but for season 3 as well.
  • The dedicated fans of books and viewers of the series are hungry for season 2.
  • The platform (Netflix) has invested heavily in this project, which clearly indicates that it will be a long-term series.

Therefore, the news regarding season 2 is expected to come out sooner rather than later. So, be ready!

When Will the 3 Body Problem Come Out?

As said earlier, Netflix has publicly declared that there will be a season 2, but the showrunners (Alexander Woo, D.B. Weiss, and David Benioff) have revealed that they have planned to adapt all three books in four seasons. They also added that seasons 1 and 2 will follow the general plot of the first two books while splitting the third book into two seasons.

Furthermore, the showrunners also claimed they had started working on the second season. Filming might not have started yet, but it is expected to start this fall. So, they have not announced the release date, but from its filming schedule, you can expect to be watching this second season of 3 Body Problem in 2026 (spring).

What Will Happen In 3 Body Problem Season 2?

In the last episode of season 1, Jovan Adepo (Saul) becomes one of the three Wallfacers present on the planet. It must defeat San-Ti within the next four centuries without letting anybody know about his plans. However, the spying Sophons of San-Ti can see and hear everything.

Lastly, Saul becomes the cipher for Luo Ji, the major character of the second book. The Dark Forest (second book) is focused on the schemes or plans of Wallfacers, while the major focus will be on Luo Ji’s complex plan to trap the San-Ti.

After hibernation for about two hundred years, Luo Ji will be threatened to broadcast the location of the Trisolaran star system to other hostile aliens. Here, the major revelation is the “dark forest hypothesis.” Therefore, in the next season, you will see Saul working on the dark forest hypothesis, and at some point, he might hibernate for some time.

In this season, Jin (Jess Hong) and Wade (Liam Cunningham) will also be hibernated and will wake up in the future. Will (Alex Sharp) will also appear this season. Also, as in season 1, the suspended animation hibernation technology has already been introduced, and Wade has declared that he is on the way to the future. Therefore, during season 2, all the characters step into the tube and may end up in a new time (after centuries) without aging a day.

3 Body Problem Season 3 Cast

Many of the main cast members will also be part of season 2, including the following:

  • Jovan Adepo (Saul Durand)
  • Jess Hong (Jin Cheng)
  • Liam Cunningham (Thomas Wade)
  • Benedict Wong (Clarence “Da” Shi)
  • Saamer Usmani (Raj Varma)
  • Sea Shimooka (Sophon)
  • Marlo Kelly (Tatiana Haas)
  • Eiza González (Auggie Salazar)


Believe it or not, but it’s a fact that 3 Body Problem has become the biggest science fiction epic of this century. And after seeing the first series, the fans of this amazing show the viewers are asking for another season.

Though the cost of the 3 Body Problem seems to be the biggest hurdle, the creators have declared that they are working on season 2 and will start filming this fall. Thus, the audience can watch season 2 in spring 2026. Hey added that this show will have four seasons, and the second season will be based on the trilogy’s second book.

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