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Molly Payton Unveils Video for New Song ‘Accelerate’

Mollly Payton has released a new single, ‘Accelerate’, which will appear on her debut album arriving later this year. It comes paired with a music video from director Oscar Keys. Check it out below.

“I had dealt with a lot of the heavier parts of what I’ve been through in the last few years, but I hadn’t fully captured all the chaos and the fun that I’d had as well,” Payton explained in a statement. “I just wanted to write something fun and not take myself too seriously and ‘Accelerate’ was the answer to that. It’s a driving, roaring song about setting yourself free and diving headfirst into things without worrying too much about the consequences. I get asked quite often if I’m going in the singer-songwriter direction rather than this heavier band sound, but I think I’ll always have a foot in each camp because playing a song like this live is the most fun a girl could have.”

“When we got to making the video, I wanted to make something that really enhanced that fist-in-the-air, fuck everything feeling that the song has,” she added. “We were talking about vintage cars and speedways but had a very small budget, so it didn’t feel possible until my bandmate/video producer Damin McCabe said that his dad collects vintage cars down in Dunedin. He also just happened to know a guy who would let us use the Beachlands Speedway for free. A month later Damin, Oscar Keys (director) and I were on a flight down there. It was the most incredible shoot I’ve been on. I basically spent three days driving an 80’s ford around one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand in my best Bruce Springsteen outfit, eating ice cream, and having the time of my life.”

Payton released her last EP, Compromise, in 2022.

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