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Spiritual Cramp Enlist White Reaper for New Song ‘Whatever You Say Man’

Spiritual Cramp and White Reaper have announced a new split-7″ that will be released on May 17 via Blue Grape Music. Today, we get to hear Spiritual Cramp’s ‘Say Whatever You Mean’, which features White Reaper. Check it out below.

“This is a funny song for me,” Spiritual Cramp’s Mike Bingham said in a statement. “I feel like I should start this blurb off with the disclaimer that I am not usually a depressed person. But, sometimes on a day where I start writing lyrics for a song, I am. Some days I wake up and I look around at all the beauty of the world and I’m moved to tears and overwhelmed with gratitude. Some days I wish I never woke up. This song is about what it feels like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Spiritual Cramp released their self-titled debut LP last year. White Reaper’s latest album, Asking for a Ride, also came out last year.

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