10 Best Scarves for Men: Warmth & Style Under Wraps in 2024

If you’ve ever left the house barenecked and had winter’s cold snap slap you aggressively across the throat, then you’ll know the importance of remembering to wear a scarf.

The final guard against sub-zero temperatures and a defining finishing touch to your frosty fits, it’s an essential accessory for any guy’s closet.

So, before you brace the breeze this season, join me as I round up the best scarves for men.

From the bold and confident to the subtle and slick, these are the cold-weather companions every guy needs to invest in—I’ve even included an option that provides some extra neck coverage during those warm but windy spells.

Key Takeaways

As functional as they are fashionable, the best scarves for men are key to keeping you warm while providing a finishing flourish to winter outfits. Which is why I searched high and low, poring over hundreds of ratings and reviews, to find the ones worthy of your consideration.

From Lestrange’s Signature Scarf to a wallet-friendly option by Alpine Swiss, here you’ll find the finest neck protectors on the market—offering unbeatable coziness, style, and value for money.

Our Top Picks

man wearing a decarbonized scarf made with Tencel modal
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Best scarves for men: Lestrange Signature Scarf

Why it’s great: The Signature Scarf has it all: It’s soft, warm, lightweight, and the perfect length to accommodate multiple tying methods. You can wear it with your everyday ensembles, but it’s also smart enough to pair with suits and ties.

Better yet, should it suffer from any snags or pulls, Lestrange offers a complimentary repair service for the first 12 months after your purchase.

Who is this for? Fairly priced and accessible for most, this is a brilliant all-rounder that’ll become a dependable addition to any wardrobe. It’s warm enough for the coldest winters but not too thick that it can’t be used during milder periods.

Flaws but not deal breakers: It’s currently sold out in the other colors available, so you’ll need to make your move soon if you want to get your hands on what I consider one of the best men’s scarves.

Material: 90% Lambs Wool, 10% Cashmere | Colors: 2 | Care: Sponge Wash

Neem London Recycled Double Faced Wool Scarf

Why it’s great: An everyday scarf should be easy to style, light, and warm—the kind you can throw on without having to give it too much thought. My go-to is from Neem London.

Its double-faced pattern design gives your outfits a dash of character (without trying too hard), and the lightweight handle means it can be worn loosely or wrapped around your neck. I love that it’s made from recycled yarn.

Who is this for? From early-morning commutes to evening strolls along the waterfront, this Italian wool option will keep you cozy without weighing you down. It’s perfect for adding subtle patterns to smart and casual outfits alike.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best scarves for men, but the design might feel a touch too busy for minimalists.

Material: 100% Recycled Wool | Colors: 3 | Care: Hand Wash

Luca Faloni Two-Ply Cashmere Scarf

Why it’s great: Cashmere scarves are well worth the extra investment. Not only is the fabric seriously soft, but it also has an unmatched insulating quality that’ll ensure you’re comfortable and snug all winter long.

Thanks to the lightness and ideal length, this one from Luca Faloni can be worn with shirts and silk ties as well as chunky sweaters and jeans.

Who is this for? If you can afford it, this is a really classy addition to your cold-weather arsenal. It’ll offer just the right amount of warmth for your everyday escapades as well as those times when you’re required to up the formality.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best scarves for men. However, cashmere doesn’t come cheap, which makes this design somewhat of a splurge.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Colors: 6 | Care: Hand Wash

Myrqvist Wool Scarf

Why it’s great: A true classic that’ll never fall out of favor, Myrqvist’s wool scarf is finished with tasseled edges that give the design a bit of movement as you walk. Not too long or short, it’s perfectly sized to tie in multiple ways—from the twice-around to the overhand.

Who is this for? For the monochromatic man, this is undoubtedly one of the best scarves for men. Simple but stylish, it’ll be your most prized possession once the temperature drops.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: In terms of design, it’s about as simple as you can get. But that’s what makes it such a staple.

Material: 100% Wool | Colors: 5 | Care: Hand Wash

Rains Fleece Tube Scarf

Why it’s great: You could call this my wildcard. Not like the scarves you’re used to; it’s basically a snood, but better. Made from a lightweight fleece fabric that’s been brushed for ultimate softness, it’s presented with a tubular silhouette that can be pulled tighter to improve neck defense.

Who is this for? If you find that regular scarves have a tendency to get in the way, then this modern design is an excellent alternative. You can wear it with your off-duty attire, and it’s also a great option for winter runs and walks in the park.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Most of the best scarves for men can be adjusted for different lengths and styles, but this one offers very limited adjustability—you can’t tie it like a traditional scarf.

Material: 100% Polyester | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine Wash

Wahts Connor Merino Cashmere Scarf

Why it’s great: For a generous helping of everyday luxury, look no further. Wahts’ Connor scarf, complete with subtle branding, has been spun from a wonderful wool and cashmere blend for super soft and cozy neck protection. Sounds expensive, right? Surprisingly not.

Who is this for? Luxury doesn’t have to leave you bankrupt. This brings a touch of class to your winter ensembles without an eye-watering price tag. It’ll pair with everything from chunky knitwear and bomber jackets to beanie hats and button-down Oxfords.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The delivery cost is a little steep if you live outside of the EU.

Material: 98% Merino, 2% Cashmere | Colors: 5 | Care: Hand Wash

Luca Faloni Linen Scarf

Why it’s great: Perfect for those delightful alfresco evenings when it’s still warm but a mellow breeze fills the air, this summer-ready scarf by Luca Faloni brings with it endless styling opportunities. Dress it up with unstructured tailoring or drape it over a crew neck T-shirt and lightweight shirt.

Who is this for? If you want to protect your neck from the cool breeze of the evening, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Pack it for spring city breaks and rock it at your friend’s end-of-summer party.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Though there’s nothing stopping you from wearing it in the winter, it’s not going to offer too much in terms of warmth.

Material: 100% Linen | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine Wash

Alpine Swiss Plaid Scarf

Why it’s great: Don’t go thinking this has made the cut only because it’s cheap. This is a seriously impressive scarf that’s been given the seal of approval by over 4,500 happy Amazon customers—earning top marks for its length, style, and weight. It may not be made from cashmere, but it certainly feels as soft.

Who is this for? If money’s tight or you’re simply looking for a budget-friendly accessory that’s not going to fall apart after five minutes of wear, then this is about as good as it gets. It’ll keep you warm without upsetting your bank balance.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As I’ve mentioned already, this has a cashmere-style feel to it, which means it’s not very thick. Certainly not a flaw, but if you’re wanting a chunky scarf, this isn’t it.

Material: 100% Acrylic | Colors: 10+ | Care: Machine Wash

Aran Crafts Irish Cable Knit Wool Scarf

Why it’s great: This uber-chunky scarf laughs in the face of the elements. And it turns out to be quite a handy hangover-hider if you wrap it around your face on those mid-morning coffee runs.

Made from thick merino wool in a cable-knit style, it’s the ultimate cold-weather accessory that’ll bring a classic feel to your outfits.

Who is this for? This is one of the best scarves for men. It’s long enough to wrap around your neck and still drape nicely, and I find it’s best suited to smart casual ensembles—think wool sweaters, corduroy pants, and hiking boots.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The care instructions state you’ll need to wash it by hand.

Material: 100% Merino Wool | Colors: 5 | Care: Hand Wash

Mr P. Ribbed Scarf

Why it’s great: Top-quality basics are what Mr P. does best, and this consciously crafted scarf—built to last and reduce our environmental impact—is firmly in the stylish staples category. It’s knitted from naturally insulating wool and ribbed for added texture and coziness.

Who is this for? If you’re against fast fashion and want sustainable pieces that’ll last, this ticks a lot of boxes. It’ll keep you toasty for many winters to come and will look just as good in 10 years’ time as it does now.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: You could consider it expensive, but it’ll prove a shrewd investment once you realize how versatile it is.

Material: 100% Lambswool | Colors: 3 | Care: Hand Wash

man wearing a cashmere scarf
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Buying Considerations for The Best Scarves For Men


Choose scarves that are made from quality materials such as wool, cashmere, or linen. Pay particular attention to the texture, choosing between lightweight options for layering in transitional seasons or thicker knits for added warmth in colder climates.


The best men’s scarves come in many different forms, each suitable for a range of occasions and seasons. For example, wool scarves are great for everyday outfits in the winter, whereas a cashmere design offers additional luxury.

For ultimate wearability, look for those that complement your personal style and can be easily paired with multiple outfits.


When looking for the best scarves for men, you’ll want to consider the designs that offer enough length to provide versatility in styling, allowing for various draping techniques and knot styles.

Whether opting for a longer scarf for added warmth or a shorter option for a more streamlined look, finding the right length ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

man wearing the cashmere city scarf by L'Estrange
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How We Chose

To find the best scarves for men, I read reviews, raided my own wardrobe, and spoke to colleagues and companions to understand what styles people love the most and why. With my findings in focus, I compiled an initial list of 50 designs before deciding on 10 standout scarves judged on the following criteria:

Versatility: Each scarf had to complement various outfits and occasions, ensuring maximum wearability and style flexibility.

Warmth: I assessed the scarves based on their ability to provide adequate warmth without sacrificing comfort, considering factors such as material thickness and insulation properties.

Price: Balancing quality with affordability, I evaluated the scarves’ pricing relative to their craftsmanship, materials, and overall value proposition, ensuring they offered excellent quality at a justifiable price point.

Why Trust Us?

An experienced journalist with a CV featuring some of the world’s biggest menswear publications, Billy Webb is a Fashionbeans regular—covering everything from the best T-shirt brands to how to waterproof leather boots.

Billy’s approach to selecting scarves, and indeed all fashion items, is meticulous and informed by a blend of personal experience, industry trends, and user feedback.

He prioritizes quality, style, and practicality, ensuring that every recommended product serves the dual purpose of enhancing style while providing comfort and functionality. Trust in Billy’s expertise comes from his proven track record of guiding readers to make informed choices in men’s fashion.

Final Verdict

To combat the cold and make sure your neck is warm at all times, I advise putting your trust in Lestrange. Soft, lightweight, and just the right size, the label’s Signature Scarf is a versatile, affordable option that’s universally appealing.

When it’s not being worn with chunky knit sweaters and jeans, you can drape it on top of overcoats, suits, and your everyday office fits.


    • It depends on intended use and personal preference. For warmth and insulation, wool is an excellent choice, providing brilliant heat retention while remaining breathable. Cashmere gives the wearer unmatched softness and luxury, while there are numerous blends that offer the best of both worlds.

      • Absolutely.The best scarves for men not only offer warmth and protection from the elements but also add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit, just as a tie does with a suit.

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