‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Announces Level 99 Blackout Cosmetics Including ‘Oil Slick’ Chainsaw

Much like many series that made the transition from 2D to 3D open worlds, Konami’s two Castlevania forays on the Nintendo 64 weren’t exactly the best. Still, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is considered the better title when compared to Castlevania 64, and now thanks to one fan’s discovery, it’s been made that much better.

Courtesy of IGN, YouTuber JupiterClimb recently posted a new video revealing that he has discovered the famous Konami Code (well specifically, a variation on it) in the 1999 action-platformer. Inputting the code unlocks all four characters from the very start, their alternate costumes, and the game’s Hard Mode difficulty. Meaning, you won’t have to unlock each character and their alternate costumes by rescuing the children found throughout the game. This also remedies the complaint that Reinhardt and Carrie weren’t available from the beginning of the game, as they were in Castlevania 64.

To get with the goodies, punch in C-Up x4, C-Down x4, C-Left x2, C-Right x2, C-Left x2, C-Right x2, L, R, and Z in the main menu. Create a brand new save, and instead of just having Cornell as the only character to select, you now have Reinhardt Schneider, Carrie Fernandez, and Henry Oldrey all available.

That’s not the only code to have been discovered for Legacy of Darkness. JupiterClimb has also revealed new codes that allow players to max out their inventory, max out attack power and sub-weapon, and even give you 99 jewels. Sadly, these only work on the Japan and European versions of the game, but they’re still cool to have handy. As JupiterClimb speculates, these were most likely debug codes for testing the game, and weren’t removed for the PAL and Japan releases.

Of course, you’ll still have to deal with the finicky camera and the frustrating platforming, but we already knew that.

Meanwhile, if you’re hankering for some newer Castlevania goodness, keep an eye out for V Rising and its Legacy of Castlevania crossover content, coming May 8th to PC via Steam.

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