12 Best Cowboy Boots For Men – Western Styles in 2024

At its heart, the best cowboy boots for men are for riding horses. And yet, it’s drenched in so much style, history, and sense of identity that it transcends its function. The wrangling footwear embodies all that goes with the Wild West. The Great Plains, John Wayne, rodeos, bourbon, pickup trucks, ranching, and good old western freedom. 

Beyond real cowboys like Billy the Kid, real fashionista royalty like Harry Styles also shows off their rancher vibes. This look is a sub-trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving the saloon anytime soon. The best men’s  cowboy boots are never in or out of fashion—just a timeless Americana style with a strong identity.

But let’s say you’re not peak “fashion,” what’s in it for you? The right cowboy boot is a chance to add a healthy dose of Western panache to your wardrobe. It’s also not a bad excuse to get heavily into bourbon and country line dancing. 

Through hours of online research, we’ve compiled a list of the best cowboy boots for men. So, what are you waiting for? Your new favorite boots are just a scroll away.

cowboy boots lined up on a poarch
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Our Top Picks

What’s that coming over the hill? Why it’s a pair of cowboy boots. Where are they headed? Well, they’re actually coming back… coming back into fashion. As cowboy boots become cool again, getting your hands on a pair of boots that tick all the requisite boxes makes sense. 

That’s why the smooth, minimal exterior of these Rhodes boots makes them the most versatile boot on this list. The waxed cowhide exterior provides full shaft protection for riding, farm work, or the urban-puddle splash (don’t underestimate it). 

The leather will keep melding to the shape of your foot, ensuring buttery comfort. And the sole is flexible, re-solable, and tenacious as hell. If you’re new to the game, “the all-around Rhodes” boots are a fantastic jumping-in point.

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 7-15 | Colors: Brown | Toe: Round

Huckberry Rhodes Roper

The simple decorative patterning of these Tecovas boots switches seamlessly from prairie to shopping mall. Handcrafted in León, Mexico, from supple and lightweight calfskin, they also feature a 1 ? inch heel in a traditional “roper” style. For reference, the roper-toe makes it a useful all-rounder between the two states of a cowboy: on-horse and… not on-horse. 

While they are traditional rodeo style, the black leather gives you more styling options. Pair them with black jeans and a black leather jacket to edge into the biker aesthetic. These boots represent raw, unabashed style so take advantage of it.

Material: Calfskin Leather, Bovine, or Goat | Sizes available: 7-15 | Colors: Black, Bourbon, Deep Brown, Tan | Toe: Round

Tecovas The Earl

These boots are quite simply beautiful objects. The brown leather of the bottom coalesces with the light brown of the shaft. The cowpoke cherry on top is the vivacious double-row stitch that radiates flair. 

There’s another word we want to focus on here: comfort. There are at least five different contributing factors to that, but memory foam is a good place to start. Rest assured, wearing these boots all day will feel like a breeze. No more blisters. No more regrets. You should know the focus on comfort is geared more towards modern agriculture rather than old-school cowboy life. 

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 7-12 | Colors: 2 Colorways | Toe: Square

Durango Rebel

There’s a side to the cowboy boot that many might not appreciate. They’re great for certain fancy occasions. The fine tailoring and subtle hint of Western style are a great way to refresh your suiting. These USA handcrafted Justin boots have a patent and unpolished leather look, making them ideal for formal wear

We recommend sticking to only the darkest realms of the tailoring market, so black, deep brown, gray, or very dark navy. Once your brooding cowboy attire is chosen, hit the floor with those free-wielding dance moves. The rubber outsole has enough grip and cushioning for hours. When the night is done, simply launch yourself onto the back of your steed, kick your Cuban heels, and disappear into the night.

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 8-14 | Colors: Black | Toe: Round

Justin Men's 12 Western Boots

Spend all day working in the fields, cruising in the pickup, or shooting the breeze in town. Whatever your plans are, these boots are 24/7 comfort facilitators (that’s a nice nickname for them too). 

The rubberized traction underneath doesn’t scream out traditional cowboy. But it does prevent you from screaming out in pain because you haven’t worn in your new triple-welt leather soles. The reinforced carbon toe is even more scream protection—this time, due to falling heavy objects. 

The carbon strength and nail-free construction also meet the ASTM electrical hazard standards. Who knew the modern work boot could be so scream-free and come with so much style? 

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 7-13 | Colors: Brown | Toe: Square

Rocky Boots Carbon Toe

If any cowboy boot for men was purpose-built to withstand destruction, it’s this one. The triple-layer waterproof system, a protective bootie Tricot material, a foam layer for comfort, and inner moisture-wicking linings. The cushiony Barnstormer rubber soles are highly resistant to melting at high temperatures. Terrible if you’re trying to make shoe-fondue, but great if you work around superheated objects. 

Raising the safety standards, even more, you get a steel toe cap, and the 11″ shank guards you against chemicals, oils, heat, and scrapes. And high safety doesn’t mean low visual standards—the 10-row stitched pattern gets a 10 on the dapper scale. These boots are indestructibly good-looking.

Material: Oiled Nubuck | Sizes available: 7-15 | Colors: Brown | Toe: Square

Red Wing Rio Flex

Nothing says “cowboy” like exotic leather. And nothing says “exotic” like python skin. The good news is that you’re not involved in the alive snake to boot transformation. You can just relax and revel in its aesthetic. 

On a more practical front, the broad square toe and stockman heel (straight with no angles or cutbacks) team up to make them a great hybrid ranch shoe. The cowboy boot brand launched in the 60s, knowing there was a better way to break comfort into cowboy boots. So, they introduced the rubberized heel and the cushioned footbed. Now you get a leather outsole that’s easy to replace and allows you to glide like a swan.

The orange, green, red, and blue stitching lend a vibrant touch to the light brown shaft, so the boot sure packs a personality. Wear a sandy suede or tan suede jacket alongside black jeans and a t-shirt to make this a dusty-colored fashion sandwich.

Material: Snakeskin, Full-grain Leather | Sizes available: 8-13 | Colors: Tan/Pattern | Toe: Square

Dan Post Boots Men's Dry Gulch Python Boot

The muted, worn-in color of these Heritage boots gives you that antique feel you see in old western movies. They look like they’ve seen some things—mostly horses, though. These traditional cowboy boots were made for riding. But even though they’re tough as Teflon, you can easily slide into a line dance. 

Experiment here with an oversized knit or cardigan with a Western print and some dark denim jeans. Of course, they’ll also look great with a traditional casual rancher combo of jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel

Material: Leather Cowhide | Sizes available: 5-15 | Colors: 4 Color Options | Toe: Round

Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot

While Celine Homme isn’t exactly a real cowboy’s first choice, it’s a powerhouse in the fashion industry. The elegant, slimmed silhouette of these cowboy boots comes with a lower shaft cut, offering less protection and ease of movement. We love how the boots reference the metalwork of a steel-capped cowboy boot by leaving a shiny metallic line running over the toe box. 

Mr. Porter styled it with the baggy patterned Cuban collar shirt. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For some extra flair, try looser-fitting black jeans. A full cuff roll-up back on itself will reveal the intricacies of your denim work too. 

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 6-13 | Colors: Black | Toe: Round Snip

Celine Homme Embellished Embroidered Leather Chelsea Boots

Get out your frilly suede jacket, your best cowboy hat, your largest buckle piece belt, and your most sequined denim jeans… You, my good sir, are going to the rodeo. Some style guides might try to shy away from the inherent campiness of the rodeo, but the showiness and flair are very much a part of it. So, if you’re feeling it, why not jump in feet first. 

This white leather boot is 100% leather, and the white of the upper is complemented by the contrasting brown of the outsole. These shoes are guilty of a little bit of nominative determinism. Since they are white diamonds in the rough, keep them away from the dirt and don them with pride. 

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 6-13 | Colors: White | Toe: J-toe

Roper Men's Ostrich Print Square Toe Cowboy Boot

These boots channel the patriot-military aesthetic into the best cowboy boots for men. Ariat is known for merging cowboy boots with modern workwear, so it’s not surprising. You get the best of both worlds with the stylish modern digital camo print over the rugged antique mocha suede material.

This shoe is best for those who love ranching just as much as they love their country. Not the best for horse-riding, but they’ll look right at home strolling through the long grass at sunset.

Material: Suede | Sizes available: 7-16 | Colors: Brown, Tan, Black | Toe: Square

Ariat Sport Patriot Camo

Black Cherry. Those two words ooze sophistication. The leather on these Laredo boots oscillates from lighter to darker reds. And over the years, the leather will develop a patina that is wholly yours. 

These boots have many of the same capabilities as traditional cowboy boots. But the glossed outer and decorative vamp stitching make them worthy of being put on the mantelpiece. At the very least, they’ll be the talk of the dancefloor. This boot deserves to be whirled around after a few whiskeys. 

These can veer away from classic cowboy styling a bit. If you’re taking them into the big city, try some selvage jeans and a dark chore jacket. Or maybe an overcoat for something a little up-market, which these sophisticated boots will be able to handle. 

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 7-16 | Colors: Black Cherry | Toe: Round

Laredo London Round Toe

What To Look For In The Best cowboy Boots For Men


The upper is most often grained cowhide leather on the smooth side. Other common materials include suede, snakeskin, lizard skin, and other “exotic” animal skins. The reasoning is that leather tends to mold well to the wearer for comfort. It’s also super tough and develops a unique patina over time. One’s boot becomes their own. 

As for the outsole, a super traditional design would feature a Goodyear welted leather sole. They were typically fixed by lemonwood and brass nails on the underside. Those benefits make a lot of things easier: dancing, replaceability, and horse riding. Not to mention a more traditional aesthetic and feel. However, they can slip and slide in wet weather, so the leather needs to be replaced more often than rubber. Keep in mind not all rubber outsoles are replaceable. 

The advantages of a rubber outsole include good traction, a high degree of cushioning, and a modern aesthetic. Finally, there is a hybrid version in the rubber-capped heels. This provides more grip while not interfering with the stirrup interaction or dancefloor slides.

Cowboy riding a horse in the desert
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Toe Room

Snip toe or D-toe has a squared tip.

A-toe is an even smaller squared tip.

A square toe provides more room for toes to breathe.

A wide-square toe gives even more room. 

A rounded toe has conventional tapered curvature and is the most common.

A roper toe or U-toe is completely rounded in a “U” shape.

A pointed toe or J-Toe has a very pointed end.

Heel height

The height of the heel tends to determine use. The modern cowboy boot has moved away from being the domicile of a riding boot and now caters to all outdoor work. This requires less heel height (below 1 inch), with a straight (also known as a “roper”) heel, and it tends to come with a rubberized outsole. Whereas a traditional cowboy boot comes at between 1 and 2 inches, with an angled Western heel. This style functions exceptionally well riding in the stirrups.


    • Treat them as you would a regular pair of boots. Just remember to play into their extravagance and Western heritage. Swapping them out for regular boots brings a Western attitude into your tailoring. But know that it suggests a certain irreverence and playfulness a future employer at a job interview might not appreciate, for example.

      Cowboy boots feel at home in the “casual rancher” look with denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and a plaid flannel shirt. If you want to branch out, try a chore jacket, denim trucker jacket (not necessarily worn with jeans), or chunky knit. And don’t forget to play into the Americana vibe of the boot. Get yourself a nice suede number, chambray shirt, or long overcoat for extra flair. Or go full biker for a badass persona. If in doubt, check out Luka Sabbat.

      Don’t wear shorts unless you want a stream of uninterrupted laughter wherever you walk. And strictly no skinny jeans.

      • A heel height of over 2 inches might suggest a heel catered more to the female market. Also, a style like the thinner heel body, one might also suggest being more feminine. Rarely are women’s boots found in exotic leathers, but floral motifs might occur on the vamps and shaft since they’re more traditionally feminine aesthetics.

        While a pair of neon pink boots might not tend to interest a man statistically speaking, the main and obvious difference really comes down to the size of the feet. The male foot is, on average larger, and therefore boot manufacturers will cater to a range of sizes with a larger median size when catering to men.

        • Once in the boot, the arch should feel a slight amount of pressure across the top of the foot. Some suggest a sideways thumb to correctly judge where the tip of your toe should be in relation to the edge of the boot. It should be snug, but if they’re a little loose, insoles and thick socks are ways to combat that. If they’re too small in the beginning, they might loosen up slightly as the leather does. That being said, it’s always better to make sure they fit properly to begin with.

          • Let’s talk about bootcut. They come with space at the hem specifically to be worn with boots. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. A straight fit also provides requisite hem width, as does a looser fit, but no 90s rapper style, gents. That hasn’t come back in style (just yet). And no skinny jeans. You’ll look like a pixie, and it’ll be difficult to stretch over the boot.

            As for washes, we recommend dark since that tends to work best with any kind of leather boot. As a general rule of thumb, adjust the lightness of the boot to the lightness of the denim. For example, don’t wear black jeans with a light tan. Check out these frayed edge off-white jeans with light brown cowboy boots for inspiration that deviates from the norm.

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