Ryan Gosling Developed A Fear Of Heights While Shooting The Fall Guy, And He Knows Exactly How It Happened

Spoilers for The Fall Guy lie ahead, so continue reading at your own risk.

Based on the performances he’s given, Ryan Gosling appears to be one of the most fearless actors working in Hollywood right now. The fan-favorite actor totally throws himself into his roles, apparently not worried about looking vulnerable or silly. He really had to own both of those elements when playing the lead role in the recently released flick The Fall Guy. The movie represented a different kind of challenge for the A-lister, though, as he performed a number of wild scenes for the production. He’s now revealed that in the process, he developed a fear of heights and knows exactly how it happened. 

In the film, Ryan Gosling plays the role of Colt Seavers, a longtime stunt actor with an impressive resume. The story starts with Colt on the set of a massive production, where he’s been called upon to re-do a massive drop sequence at the request of the actor he’s doubling for. This major feat (which goes haywire for Seavers in the film) sees Gosling being dropped 12 stories, and it’s impressive to see on the big screen. But, as the Canadian actor himself recently revealed, it was a bit nerve-wracking and sparked that aforementioned fear of heights. Many deal with this particular affliction and, based on Gosling’s comments, his stems from a very personal place: 

My body turns to stone. I think it’s happened when I had kids—really, you start to be way more conscious of everything you do and everything you’ve ever done and everything you will do if you get a chance to do it.

So it seems that when doing a sequence like that, the Nice Guys star is thinking about the two young daughters he shares with his partner, Eva Mendes. Many of those who are parents can probably relate to the star’s position. Not so much having to perform major stunts as part of blockbusters but considering your children when taking on any kind of risk. While I’m sorry that Gosling has developed a fear of heights, it’s sweet that he is indeed thinking about his little ones while cranking out major movies. During his interview with The Wall Street Journal, he also had this to say about his kids:

I’m trying to just figure out who they are and be there for them in the way that I can. They’re such clear and distinct personalities that it’s sort of becoming obvious.

Of course, in order to be there for his kids, he has to make sure that he’s being as safe as possible when he’s working. Not only is he aware of that, but Eva Mendes is, too. In fact, Mendes “wouldn’t let him” get set on fire for a major scene in the The Fall Guy, which garnered solid reactions. Additionally, the star is looking out for his and his family’s well being by not taking on roles that will put him in a “dark place.” 

Fear isn’t typically ideal, but some can certainly propel us to be more conscientious when it comes to the choices we make. I’d expect that Ryan Gosling will continue to keep his kids as well as his partner in mind when doing somewhat dangerous work moving forward. And here’s hoping that the beloved star remains safe while he continues to entertain the masses. 

You can see him in The Fall Guy – one of the most notable titles on the 2024 movie schedule – which is playing in theaters now. You can also check out other great Ryan Gosling romance movies.

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