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Julie Byrne Joins Fashion Club on New Song ‘Rotten Mind’

Fashion Club – the moniker of Los Angeles artist Pascal Stevenson – has collaborated with Julie Byrne for ‘Rotten Mind’, her first new single in two years. Listen to it below.

“I’m trying my hardest to empathize with those people and just not getting there, which is something I deal with a lot: that attempt to let go of resentment and hatred for the world,” Stevenson said of the song in a statement. “I think it’s posing the question to those people, ‘Is that really what you want? Or do you just want to see other people suffer because you feel like you’re suffering?’”

Fashion Club’s debut album, Scrutiny, came out in 2022. “I felt less held back by ‘Oh I’m this kind of person, I have to make this kind of music,’ and I think transitioning and COVID shutting everything down for a while totally shattered that,” she added.

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