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Bodkin Season 1 & Season 2: Cast, Release Date and Latest News

Bodkin, “an American true crime podcaster investigation story in Ireland,” premiered on Netflix in May 2024. Do you want to know more about the story of the Bodkin season 1, episodes, cast, release date and more about it? We’ll break everything down here, so keep on reading.

Bodkin Season 1 Storyline

Bodkin is a dark comedy thriller starring Will Forte as a podcaster. Audiences have never been so interested in true crime-based stories. This scary latest comedy sees Will Forte playing a podcaster inspecting the disappearance of three strangers in a rustic coastal town of Ireland. He makes a team of investigators to reveal the mystery, but shockingly, they discover a weirder and bigger story than they could ever have imagined.

Bodkin’s story will challenge our perception and reveal the stories we tell ourselves to validate our fears and justify our beliefs. Here’s everything you need to know about the seven episodes of Bodkin only on Netflix.

Is Bodkin Based On A Real Crime Podcast?

While the series is about the true-crime podcast, Bodkin is not based on a real crime story. However, the series posters exaggerate that the mystery thriller is based on a true story but have a note to say it’s been “overheard in the pub”. In an era of true crime podcasts, obsessions and morality behind the storyline, it’s been thought.

According to Tudum, Bodkin was written and created by the British man Jez Scharf, who explains the dearies as “a commentary on a story of violence.”

A fellow executive producer, Alex Metcalf, also says about the Bodkin, “It’s a fake place, it’s a fake town. It’s all fake people”. So now it’s clear that Bodkin is not a true-based crime podcast.

Who will be in Cast of Bodkin Season 1

Jez Scharf will act as a lead writer of the series alongside Alex Metcalf. Mike O’Leary has also worked on the season’s writing project. Tonia Davis belonged to Higher Ground Productions and worked as executive producer of the Bodkin. Here are the first casting actors in the series.

1. Will Forte

He will play the role of Gilbert Power, an American podcaster looking for his next big story. He originally belonged to Chicago, and his family emigrated from Cork. He is exploring his Irish roots.

2. David Wilmot

He plays Seamus Gallagher, a character who can turn on beauty according to his needs. Furthermore, he can quickly snap into flares of action when feeling threatened.

3. Chris Walley

Here’s the main character of Bodkin: Sean O’Shea, who is from a local village of Bodkin and a typical Irish country lad. He is also involved in some quite shady business.

Other Main and Guest Actors of Bodkin

  • David Pearse as Frank
  • Pano Masti as Pablo
  • Peter Bankolé as Charles
  • Clodagh Mooney Duggan as Mary
  • Sean Òg Cairns as Garda Eoin
  • Mary O’Driscol as Margaret
  • Charlie Kelly as Fintan
  • Amy Conroy as Fagan
  • Norma Sheahan as Dot
  • Frank Melia as Colm
  • Claire J Loy as Breeda Gleason
  • Sabine Timoteo

When Will Bodkin be released on Netflix?

In March 2024, Paul Leonard-Morgan announced that the series could be premiered in May 2024.

But now, of course, we all know that the Bodkin was released on May 9, 2024, at midnight PT.

If you’d like to watch the movie right now, sign in to Netflix and enjoy it, as it has already premiered.

How many episodes of the Bodkin Season 1?

There will be seven thrilling episodes of the Bodkin season 1 that are described with the title below only on Netflix;

Episode 1: One True Mystery—47m

A hard-nosed journalist grudgingly works with a true-crime podcaster on a strange case in a small Irish town where the locals want to bury the past.

Episode 2: Who We Are—44m

Dove and Gilbert clash over their differing interview approaches, but as they inch closer to answering, their personal struggles add to their problems.

Episode 3: Perfectly Innocent Life—53m

The group digs for more clues after a beloved local’s death. New details about the Samhain disappearances force Dove to wade through murky territory.

Episode 4: Poison or Something—56m

The crew’s investigation takes a bizarre turn, jeopardizing their podcast. Gilbert attempts to settle a debt, while Dove gives Emmy harsh advice.

Episode 5: Peace in Our Time—48m

Gilbert learns about Bodkin’s shady dealings, and Dove stirs up trouble at the pub. With the evidence, the crew pieces together a shocking narrative.

Episode 6:  Ends Justify Means —44m

Back at Inish Mac Tire, Dove and Emmy seek answers but get sidetracked by troubling visions — and revelations. Gilbert deals with a daunting dilemma.

Episode 7: Empty Your Pockets — 56m

The Samhain festival opens old wounds amid hidden threats. As their pursuit of the truth ends, Dove, Gilbert and Emmy embrace new beginnings.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bodkin season 1. If you’re a comedy thriller fan, this is the best choice. Sign up for Netflix and reveal the mystery of a creepy Irish town.

Bodkin Season 2

At the moment, there is no confirmed date for season 2 of Bodkin.

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