6 Best Shaving Creams For Electric Razors: Lather Up in 2024

If you’re partial to the smooth face-taming superpowers of electric shavers, then you may be wondering whether shaving cream will enhance your shaving experience.

Well, I say, “Yes, it does—as long as you pick the right product.” The best shaving creams for electric razors on the market won’t clog up your electric shaver. Oh, and they’ll offer a smoother, more even finish while hydrating or nourishing your skin (even if it’s sensitive). Triple bonus.

Although there are plenty of shaving creams for electric razors out there promising to deliver the manscaping goods, not all are created equal. And knowing which ones to trust can seem, well…impossible.

But fear not because I’m here to s(h)ave the day with my rundown of the best shaving creams for electric razors on offer right now.

Are you ready to achieve grooming excellence? Read on, my friend.

Key takeaways

When you’re weighing up any potential razor or shaving product, considering your personal needs and making comparisons will result in success.

After extensive research and product comparisons, I’ve discovered that Cremo Barber Grade Original is the best overall shaving cream for electric razors.

For a luxury splurge that’s worth the money, The Art of Shaving  delivers the goods. And for reliable (rash-free) everyday use, the Pacific Shaving Company has your back.

Our Top Picks

man using a philips norelco one blade for shaving beard
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Cremo Barber Grade Original Shave Cream: best shaving creams for electric razors

Why it’s great: As my overall top pick among the shaving creams for electric razors, this smooth and satisfying number from Cremo glides across the skin with ease. In addition to its smooth consistency and subtle yet zingy citrus scent, a little dollop of this stuff goes a long way.

It’s well-priced and suitable for any skin type, making it a real all-rounder and it’s also paraben-free. This largely natural formula lasts an average of 90 days—and it not only fights irritation but also hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Who is this for? This electric shaver cream is perfect for anyone, which is why it’s my top pick. It’s a true all-rounder, but it’s especially great for guys prone to skin irritation as well as those who travel a lot.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some fellas might want a scent that’s a little more robust and in your face.

Free From: Parabens | Skin Type: All | Consistency: Medium, smooth | Size: 6 oz | Scent: Citrus

The Art of Shaving Unscented Cream For Men

Why it’s great: This may be unscented, but this decidedly lavish shaving cream for electric shavers or razors feels like creamy velvet to the touch.

One of the main reasons that this shaving cream is so good is its almost unrivaled rich, creamy lather as well as its melting pot of top-quality ingredients designed to prevent razor burn while leaving the skin looking fresh.

The infusion of glycerin as well as coconut acid will make your skin feel smooth and soft while ensuring that you keep a natural balance shave after shave. Your electric razor will glide across your skin free from friction, and you’ll feel like royalty as you manscape your way to glory.

Who is this for? This luxurious shaving cream is perfect for fellas who like the finer things in life and like to enjoy a full wet shave on a daily (or almost daily basis). It’s also great for dudes who are a little more prone to razor rash or burn.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you don’t like unscented shaving creams, look elsewhere on the list.

Free From: Harsh synthetic chemicals | Skin Type: Medium, creamy | Consistency: Medium, smooth | Size: 5 oz | Scent: Unscented

Van Der Hagen Cooling Shaving Gel

Why it’s great: Okay, so this is technically a gel. But here’s the thing—this epic product from Van Der Hagen acts exactly like a traditional shaving cream (plus, it’s part of the shaving cream category)—except it’s transparent.

First of all, it’s very reasonably priced (hence why it’s my number one budget pick). Secondly, its aloe vera-based formula is silky smooth and super soothing.

It’s designed to help you see exactly which part of your face or neck you’re shaving for a more accurate finish, and its non-clog, grease-free properties will allow your electric razor to glide across the skin effortlessly, free from the threat of burns or rashes.

Who is this for? Naturally, this shaving cream for electric razors is excellent for style-conscious fellas on a bit of a budget. It’s also perfect for dudes prone to dry and itchy skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you’re searching for a more traditional shaving cream, then this probably isn’t the product for you.

Free From: Parabens and harsh chemicals | Skin Type: Normal to sensitive | Consistency: Medium, smooth | Size: 6 oz | Scent: Aloe vera

Marlowe No. 141 Shave Cream

Why it’s great: Simple yet incredibly effective and silky smooth to the touch, this lovely little number from Marlowe boasts thousands of rave reviews on Amazon. In addition to its epically moreish signature Aloe Citron scent, this super smooth shaving cream offers a brilliant lather that works well with any electric razor.

It’s also a cruelty-free concoction that’s infused with coconut oil and shea butter to enhance the electric shaving experience while softening and conditioning the skin. Oh, and a little dollop of this stuff goes a long way—bonus!

Who is this for? This is one of the best shaving creams for electric razors. It’s perfect for fellas who care about the planet and its inhabitants. It’s also an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin that is prone to feeling tight, tired or worn after shaving.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This may be a little light-duty if you have particularly coarse facial hair or stubble.

Free From: Paraben & phthalate | Skin Type: Sensitive to normal | Consistency: Medium, smooth | Size: 6 oz | Scent: Aloe Citron

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

Why it’s great: If you’re looking for something slick, simple, and kind to your skin day after day, then this punchy product from the Pacific Shaving Company is the one for you.

In addition to its delicate botanical formula and super subtle natural scent, this epic everyday shaving cream for electric razors is perfect for guys who are partial to a daily wet shave as well as dudes who like to keep their beard style in shape.

Also, despite its small package, a little dollop of this creates an epic lather, so one tube can last for weeks on end. It’s also 100% cruelty-free, kind to every skin type, and boasts thousands of rave reviews from style-conscious groomers just like you.

Who is this for? This wonderfully natural everyday formula is ideal for every guy who takes their grooming seriously and needs something consistent as well as reliable. It’s also perfect for regular travelers and fellas with an active lifestyle.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you want a shaving cream with a bold and distinctive scent, then other products on this list might suit better.

Free From: Paraben and synthetic scents | Skin Type: Sensitive to normal, oily | Consistency: Smooth and foamy | Size: 3.4 oz | Scent: Mildly botanical

Bee Bald Shave

Why it’s great: It’s a shaving cream that’s as smooth as butter, and you can use this gem of a product for all of your manscaping needs—even shaving your head. Bee Bald is light and made with all-natural ingredients, including honey and bee pollen.

It’s perfect for all skin types and will help your electric razor skip across the skin with ease, no matter where you’re shaving. Its fresh menthol scent really stands out from the crowd. Not only will it make your skin feel funky and fresh after shaving, but it will also hydrate it and repair any rough patches or blemishes.

Who is this for? This is perfect for pretty much anyone, but it’s especially great for balding guys looking for a product to make head grooming less technical and more soothing.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best shaving creams for electric razors. However, it might be a little too smooth and light for hairy guys in need of something a little more robust.

Free From: Paraben and synthetic scents | Skin Type: Sensitive to normal, oily | Consistency: Smooth and foamy | Size: 3.4 oz | Scent: Menthol

man using an electric shaver to shave beard
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Buying Considerations for The Best Shaving Creams for Electric Razors


First of all, when choosing the best shaving creams for electric razors for your personal grooming needs, you should consult the ingredients list.

Typically, you should steer clear of any shaving creams packed with synthetic chemicals and highly processed ingredients. Instead, go for creams that contain fatty acids or lipids that will help to protect and purity your skin, as well as natural organic ingredients known for their gentle, protective qualities.

Skin type

Following on from my last point, you should always consider your skin type when choosing a shaving cream for electric razors.

Keep an eye out for any ingredients that you may be sensitive or allergic to—and always read reviews or labels to ensure that you choose something that suits your specific skin needs. This is especially important if you’re prone to dry, itchy, or sensitive skin.


Last but not least, when choosing the best shaving cream for your manscaping needs, you should always follow your nose.

These days, there are so many weird and wonderful scents on offer, from the bold and bodacious to the mild and botanical. There are also plenty of solid unscented options. So, decide what will make your nose smile most—and take your pick.

man sticking his tongue out while shaving
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How We Chose

In addition to conducting extensive online research and making comprehensive product comparisons, we’ve also tested every product on this list to ensure the best possible quality.

In addition to the buying considerations we’ve detailed here in this guide, we also choose our products based on these key pieces of criteria…

User reviews: We look at user reviews from various sources in great detail to ensure that they’re tried, tested, trustworthy, and genuinely deliver the goods.

Brand reputation: We also delve deep into any potential shaving cream or men’s grooming brand to ensure that they’re consistent and reputable and that their values align with ours.

Feel: We test our products to make sure that they feel good on the skin and don’t cause any unnecessary residue or irritation.

Why Trust Us?

Dan is a men’s grooming aficionado and writer with more than a decade of personal as well as professional experience.

Not only is Dan incredibly well-versed in all things hygiene, styling, and manscaping, but he also has an endless list of professional connections (people in the know) for product testing, research, and review purposes.

As a meticulous expert dedicated to helping style-conscious men source the very best products for their personal needs, Dan also tests each and every product that he recommends for that added seal of approval.

Final verdict

With true universal shaving appeal, a smooth consistency, and a more than reasonable price point, Cremo takes the top spot among the best shaving creams for electric razors.

But, although this largely natural all-rounder that suits pretty much every skin type is my number one pick, every single product on this list is featured because of its epic electric razor-shaving superpowers. So, consider your personal needs, look back through the list, and take your pick.


    • While some electric razors are designed specifically for dry shaving, many can handle the wet. It’s by no means compulsory to use shaving cream with an electric razor, but by using a quality product, you’ll avoid any potential burns or irritation while hydrating and nourishing your skin. Great for beginners!

      The result? A smooth, more even finish that will make your skin feel as fresh as a field of daisies (in the most manly way possible).

      • If you have an electric razor that is water resistant, using a quality shaving cream that’s crafted with natural ingredients will actually enhance your experience.

        A good shaving cream will protect your skin from burns or blemishes while helping your electric razor glide across the contours of your skin with ease. This, in turn, will make for a smooth, forgiving, and precise end result. Perfect to add to your shaving kit.

        • Before using an electric razor, you should cleanse your face with a natural wash and warm water to relax the pores and get rid of any grease or debris.

          Then, applying a quality natural shaving cream to your skin will help to improve the overall shaving experience while adding an extra layer of hydration and protection to your skin.

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