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SASAMI Returns With New Song ‘Honeycrash’

SASAMI has returned with a new single called ‘Honeycrash’. It comes paired with a music video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. Watch and listen below.

“I wanted to write a song with all the drama of a 19th century classical opera but with the patience and understanding of someone in therapy in 2024,” Sasami Ashworth explained in a statement. “Finding a love so great you’re willing to persist through the elements, even toward certain death to bear its ravishment. It’s about wanting to fight for the pinnacle of passion and desire but knowing that you can’t change or rush someone else’s feelings or where they’re at. But with a guitar as my sword and my steed. I have been so fortunate to find a collaborator in Andrew, and together we made a sexy little drama of our own. The ‘Honeycrash’ video is a peek into the new world that I have been building and teasing out on stage. I am really thrilled to unleash this first of many new songs in an era of melodrama, romance, and hooks of course.”

Huang added:

When I first heard ‘Honeycrash’ I was moved by the thunderous romanticism and cinematic scope of SASAMI’s new sonic direction. After long conversations about the pop focus of her new album, I wanted to create a video for her that felt big, sweeping and sexy while showcasing her performance as the highlight of the piece. I wanted to create a video that evoked themes and images such as runaway fugitives, rogue sisterhood, distressed denim, rugged natural elements, primal rage, Thelma and Louise, tsunamis, tornadoes, blazing sunsets, sci-fi apocalyptic visions of the American West, and passionate ‘I would die for you’ level romance. Achieving this vision on a budget was ambitious but made possible by filming on a volume LED stage and relying on the use of epic stock footage to set the scene for the backdrop of Sasami’s new universe. I am honored to collaborate with SASAMI again on this new journey and am smitten by the world she is heralding with her new sound and vision.

‘Honeycrash’ marks SASAMI’s first new music since the release of her second album Squeeze in 2022.

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