Your Favorite Queer Books of May

Every month, I round up the links that you all clicked on the most from last month’s Our Queerest Shelves newsletters. I love seeing which titles caught your eye — was it because you wanted to buy it right that second, or you just wanted to learn more about it? I can’t know that for sure, but it’s useful information to see what you’re most interested in. And while we’re at it, why not take a look at the most clicked-on Etsy items from last month?

This is one of the weekly bonus sends for paid subscribers to Our Queerest Shelves — but in case you missed the update, that subscription just got a lot more valuable for the same price! We’ve moved from Substack to the Book Riot site, and that means your subscription is now an All Access pass to all the paid content on Book Riot! That includes my twice-weekly newsletter Read Harder. Every week, I give recommendations for books that check off tasks on the 2024 Read Harder Challenge, plus recommendations for other reading challenges and themes. I also update you every Thursday on what I’ve been reading lately — most of which is queer — and which tasks I’ve completed. So, if you want even more of me in your inbox (I don’t know your life!), consider subscribing to Read Harder — if you’re a paid OQS subscriber, you get all that bonus content for free!

With that housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk about the most clicked-on Etsy items and books of May!

Now, let’s jump into the most clicked-on books from the May newsletters!

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