‘Haunted House Renovator’ Gets Steam Next Fest Demo [Trailer]

After meeting and surpassing their funding goal earlier this year by over 180%, Image Power is looking to show off their development progress during Steam Next Fest with a demo for Haunted House Renovator. The announcement comes after the developer reported that recent playtests have been a “resounding success”.

Running from June 10-17, the demo will allow players to explore the core mechanics of Haunted House Renovator, as well as get a feel for the game’s atmosphere and the various decorating options available to them. Image Power notes that the playtests have seen participants “praising the game’s immersive atmosphere, engaging mechanics, and the unique blend of renovation and paranormal elements.”

The developers noted that the playtest feedback “ensures that the upcoming demo will offer a polished and enjoyable experience for all players.”

Haunted House Renovator has a simple concept: as a ghost-hunting renovator, your task is to restore haunted houses to a usable state. Applying a new wallpaper won’t be enough to convince your customers that a house is safe, however. You also need to deal with whatever is haunting it.

You’ll deal not only with ghosts and monsters, but also curses and possessions, with each locale having their own unique challenges and mysteries. Once whatever is haunting the mansion has been booted, you’ve got to deal with cleanup. Using your creativity, you must decorate the mansion to make it inviting and liveable.

Thanks to the Kickstarter funds, the team plans on developing console versions of Haunted House Renovator in addition to the Steam version.

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