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Raid Shadow Legends: The Best Rare Champions in 2024

Ready to learn about the best rare champions in Raid Shadow Legends? This article will show you the best rare champions that you should focus on.

Raid Shadow Legends is a very popular mobile game that is played on phones and tablets. It is an adventure game where you collect and build up a team of fantasy characters called “champions”. The game has amazing 3D graphics and a deep, fun combat system. There are many different types of champions, from good guys to bad guys, and each one has their own special abilities. Whether you’re new to these kinds of games or have played them before, Raid Shadow Legends is a great game that will keep you coming back for more.

In Raid Shadow Legends, there are different levels of champions, from common to legendary. The rare champions are the ones that are a bit harder to get, but they can be really useful and powerful. These hidden gems can do some amazing things for your team and help you progress in the game.

1. Frozen Banshee

Frozen Banshee is one of the most sought-after rare champions in the game. She excels as a powerful poisoner, with the ability to place [Poison Sensitivity] debuffs and double poison debuffs on her A1. By pairing her with counter-attack or ally attack champions, Frozen Banshee can become a poison-dealing machine, making her a staple in Clan Boss and other boss-focused content.

2. Pain Keeper

Pain Keeper is a unique rare champion that shines in certain team compositions, particularly those involving Unkillable strategies for Clan Boss. Her A3 ability, which decreases the cooldown of an ally’s skill by 1 turn, allows her to enable champions like Maneater and Demytha to keep their Unkillable buffs up consistently. This makes Pain Keeper a valuable addition to budget-friendly Unkillable teams.

3. Warmaiden

Warmaiden is one of the earliest accessible champions with an AOE Decrease Defense ability, making her an essential part of many early-game teams. Her 3-turn cooldown on this debuff allows your nukers to hit harder, making her a crucial component for clearing through Campaign and progressing in the early stages of the game.

4. Reliquary Tender

Reliquary Tender is a potent support champion, providing a team-wide Cleanse and Continuous Heal on her A2. This ability is invaluable in various game modes, as it allows you to remove debuffs and keep your team healthy, making her a solid choice for both PvE and PvP content.

5. Bellower

Bellower is a versatile rare champion known for his AoE abilities, which make him an excellent choice for clearing waves in Dungeons and Campaign. When built with crowd control sets like Stun or Provoke, Bellower can effectively control the battlefield, slowing down and locking down enemies to facilitate your team’s success.

6. Renegade

Renegade, also known as the “Budget Prince Kymar,” is an exceptional rare champion due to her A3 ability, which decreases the cooldown of ally skills by 2 turns. This skill synergizes incredibly well with champions like Coldheart, allowing you to double-up on their powerful abilities. While Renegade may not be a primary damage dealer, her utility in enabling other champions makes her a valuable asset to have in your roster.

7. Apothecary

Apothecary is one of the most widely used rare champions, particularly in the early and mid-game stages. His ability to boost the Turn Meter and provide a Speed buff to your entire team makes him a crucial support champion for outpacing opponents in the Arena and other game modes. Combining Apothecary with a champion that can provide a Speed aura, such as High Khatun, can give your team a significant advantage.

8. Kael

Kael is widely considered the best starter champion in Raid Shadow Legends, and for good reason. As a rare champion, Kael provides exceptional value with his poison-based abilities, making him a powerful damage dealer in Clan Boss, Dungeons, and even the Arena. His combination of a 2.5% Poison on his A1 and the ability to place up to 4 random Poison debuffs on his A3 ensures that Kael remains relevant throughout the early and mid-game stages of the game.

9. Paragon

Paragon is a unique rare champion that thrives in specific scenarios, particularly in the Nightmare Campaign and certain Doom Tower secret rooms. His ability to place an Unkillable buff on himself every 2 turns allows him to become virtually unkillable, making him a valuable tool for players looking to overcome challenging content. While Paragon may not be a damage dealer, his utility in facilitating difficult fights is undeniable.

10. Coldheart

Coldheart is widely regarded as one of the best rare champions in Raid Shadow Legends. Her A3 ability, Heartseeker, deals enemy max HP damage and also decreases the target’s Turn Meter by 100%. This makes Coldheart an invaluable champion for tackling high-HP bosses in various game modes, such as Spider, Fire Knight, and certain Doom Tower encounters. The synergy between Coldheart and champions like Renegade further enhances her capabilities, making her a must-have rare champion for any serious Raid player.

These rare champions provide a diverse range of abilities and utility, making them essential additions to any Raid Shadow Legends roster. By understanding the strengths and use cases of these hidden gems, you can maximize your progress and overcome the game’s most challenging content.

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