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Charly Bliss Release New Single ‘Waiting for You’

Charly Bliss have dropped a new single, ‘Waiting for You’, from their forthcoming album Forever – out August 16 on Lucky Number. Following previous cuts ‘Calling You Out’ and ‘Nineteen’, the track comes paired with a video directed by frequent collaborator Henry Kaplan. Check it out below.

According to the band’s Eva Hendricks, ‘Waiting for You’ is “a love song for my bandmates. While I was separated from Sam, Spencer, & Dan during the pandemic, I remember watching videos of us playing shows and thinking ‘How could I have taken this for granted?’ I couldn’t see how beautiful everything really was and how lucky we were. It was agonizing to be apart for that long but helpful, because I don’t think I’ll ever let myself forget that again.”

Of the accompanying clip, Kaplan said: “The room is full of personal little Charly Bliss Easter eggs. Sam’s daughter’s first school photo, a t-shirt I made with my best friend Amanda at the mall when we were 8 years old, birthday cards, letters, and notes. It had to be personal to match how sentimental the lyrics are, and Henry and the whole team worked so hard to make that possible.”

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