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Micaela Soler Astorga, also known as Micky Soler, was born in Hanau am Main (Germany) from a Spanish family. She graduated in Journalism, in the Faculty of Information Sciences of the University of Seville (Spain). She has worked and collaborated in several daily newspapers such as Ceuta Information, Diario de Cádiz, La voz de Almería or El Correo de Andalucía. She has collaborated in numerous literary and cultural magazines such as La Tregua or Sobreverbos (both from Granada), RE-VOLVER or the mythical magazine GALLO DE VIDRIO from Seville.

Her love for artistic creation has passed through drawing, theater and, above all, literature. She wrote her first novel at age 12: It Happened in Kansas City. Subsequently, she has published stories as co-author in the book collection “Young Writers of the XXI Century” and poetry as co-author in the lyrical anthology “Poetas del Encuentro”.

Likewise, she has been part of the theater group ODISEA, from San Fernando (Cádiz), acting in various plays. In the year 2000 she moved to the UK, where she worked and lived for many years. In recent years, prior to the pandemic, she lives between the UK and Spain.

Since 2020 she has been writing for the Madrid literary magazine Open Windows Magazine. In 2021 she creates and directs OriGinaL MagaZine, a bilingual digital magazine, in English and Spanish, dedicated to art, culture and creativity. It is a publication that deals with issues of art, literature, theater, cinema, fashion, music, photography… with intellectuals, artists and creators from Spain, Latin America , United Kingdom and U. S. A. OriGinaL MagaZine tries to find new paths in the conception of artistic creativity, introducing concepts such as inclusion, diversity, as well as different and innovative forms of expression in its reports, interviews or journalistic articles.

She was judge in the Creative Industry Awards 2022 in UK. She is part of the cast of the upcoming sci-fi feature B.E.A.R.S.: The Awakening. Likewise, she belongs to the marketing team of this production.

In addition to running OriGinaL MagaZine, Micky Soler currently works as a publicist, with Awards winning clients as Swedish actress and filmmaker Elin-Margareta Nordin, British film director Mark Denham, and Gibraltarian producer Martin Manuel Nuza along with Voiceover artist and Drummer Steven Ham; Hollywood Actor Will Roberts, Singer/Songwriter Will Preston and Hollywood Actor Lejon Stewart.

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