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Simonetta Lein is an unbelievably talented, hardworking, and beautiful celebrity TV host, fashion influencer, and businesswoman. Simonetta Lein is living proof of the fact that you can succeed at whatever you want if you just close your eyes, make a wish, and strive for it from your heart. After moving to the United States from Italy, she started her career from scratch and garnered immense success. 

Her show, The Simonetta Lein Show brings entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and top executives to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. 

Simonetta’s prominent profile on Instagram has earned her more than 20.8 million followers, and she continues to grow her following by demonstrating her commitment to making a difference in her adopted city of Philadelphia and all around the world. 

We sat down with Simonetta Lein to discuss The Simonetta Lein Show, now in it’s sixth season. 

How is this seasons show different than compared to prior seasons of The Simonetta Lein Show?

Simonetta Lein: This season, which is our season 6, is different because we have introduced a new segment called **Legends**, where we invite back some of the most inspiring and influential guests from previous seasons. We also strive to have a diverse and dynamic lineup of guests. We cover topics that are relevant, meaningful, and impactful for our audience. We are also focusing on real human connections. We discussed how AI is affecting people in terms of identity thefts and joblessness. We started the show when the war in Israel had started. We have dedicated the show to peace and unity.

We have also added a “lightning round” new segment! 

Can you talk about some episodes and their point of interest? 

Simonetta Lein: Sure, I can give you a sneak peek of some of the episodes. We had **Katie Leclerc**, the star of the hit show **Switched at Birth**, who will talk about her experience as a deaf actress and advocate for the deaf community. We had **ICE T**, the legendary rapper, actor, and producer, who will share his insights on the music industry, social justice, and entrepreneurship. We had **Austin Ekeler**, the NFL star and philanthropist, who will discuss his passion for fitness, education, and giving back. We had  **Brad Williams**, the hilarious comedian and podcaster, who will make us laugh and think with his witty and honest humor. We had **Scott Conant**, the renowned chef and restaurateur, who will teach us some of his culinary secrets and tips. We had Daymond John for Black entrepreneur week. Some  exclusives I can reveal are guests Joey Diaz, Deon Cole, Tabitha Brown and as a surprise the season finale is with Lori Grenier! I am so excited! Love her and also the new “Lighting Round” is with her. You will have to watch. 

How do you find time to model and influence and run a business and do a show?

SL: It’s not easy, I won’t lie. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline, and organization. I have a great team that supports me and helps me manage my schedule and tasks. I also prioritize my health and well-being, and I make sure to take breaks and have some fun. I love what I do, and I’m grateful for every opportunity that comes my way. I think that when you have a clear vision and a strong purpose, you can find time for everything that matters to you.

What originally inspired you to create your show?

SL: I was inspired by my own journey as an immigrant, a model, an influencer, and a philanthropist. I wanted to create a show that would showcase the stories and voices of people who have overcome challenges, achieved success, and made a difference in the world. I wanted to create a show that would inspire, educate, and entertain people. I wanted to create a show that would reflect my values and my vision.

Is there a moment that changed the trajectory of your life?

SL: There are many moments that have shaped my life, but one that stands out is when I moved from Italy to the United States. It was a big decision, a big risk, and a big change. I had to leave behind my family, my friends, and my comfort zone. I had to start from scratch, learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and face many challenges. But it was also a moment of growth, opportunity, and discovery. It was a moment that opened new doors, new horizons, and new possibilities. It was a moment that led me to where I am today.

What do you like to do with your down time…hobbies, travel….music etc.?

SL: I like to do a lot of things with my down time. I  watch lots of movies, listen to music, pray and meditate. I like to travel and explore new places, cultures, and cuisines. I like to spend time with my husband, my friends, and my pets. I like to volunteer and support causes that I care about, especially to support The Wishwall Foundation. I like to learn new skills and hobbies, like painting, dancing, and I am all about Pilates now with my lovely @pilatesbyvalerie. If you are in Philly you have to have her teach you, she is teaching my husband too and it is too cute to watch. I like to enjoy life and have fun.

I am also supporting Empowerment Beyond Scars by Brandi Gregge, a non-profit dedicated to reconstructing facial disfiguration for women victims of domestic abuse. 

Where would you like to be professionally in five years?

SL: Professionally, I would like to be in a position where I can continue to grow, create, and impact. I would like to expand my show and reach more people around the world. I would like to grow my foundation and help more people make their wishes come true. I would like to grow my agency and collaborate with more brands and influencers. I would like to explore new opportunities and challenges that align with my passion and purpose. 

What advice would you have to give to someone wanting to begin their own show, or wanting to model?

SL: My advice would be to be yourself, be authentic, and be original. Don’t try to copy or imitate someone else, but find your own voice, your own style, and your own message. Be confident, be persistent, and be resilient. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals. Be open, be curious, and be flexible. Don’t be afraid to learn, to experiment, to fail, and to improve. Be humble, be grateful, and be generous. Don’t forget to appreciate your journey, your supporters, and your achievements.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet, what would that be and how would you answer?

SL: That’s a tough one, there are so many questions that I would love to answer. But if I had to choose one, I would say: What is your wish for the world? And my answer would be: My wish for the world is that we can all live in peace, harmony, and happiness. That we can all respect, understand, and appreciate each other. That we can all share, help, and support each other. That we can all dream, create, and impact together. That we can all make the world a better place and can we operate more on common sense and good human binding experience instead of always being so defensive and triggered. I want back a world where we can agree to disagree and can still be good friends!

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