Cover Story Steve Hoff

From Carpenter to Thespian
Steve loves the arts in all forms. As a student of the arts at UCLA Steve fell in love with music &
theater arts as a pianist for the school production of West Side Story.
After leaving college to raise his family he explored a different form of arts as a carpenter, where
he designed and built custom cabinetry. While doing some commissioned work for the
Wildomar Movie Ranch Steve met Anthony and Ashley Mangione, producers and
cinematographers who thought Steve was a perfect fit for one of the stars of The Seekers, a
show they were developing.
Of course Steve was thrilled with the opportunity and became something of a carpenter/actor.
While working on The Seekers it seemed opportunities were coming from everywhere! Steve
left his cabinet business and began working full-time on a variety of projects in addition to “The
Currently Steve is developing his own show called “What’s Up With Steve” along with
conceptual ideas such as “What’s Cooking?” or “What In The World?”. In addition, Steve has
established a relationship with Keith Barrows of 360 Productions who has taken Steve under his
wing and is involving him in many projects such as a host on “Combat Pugilist”, spokesperson
for companies such as the VGPI Foundation, a non-profit organization benefitting veterans &
Northern Tool and several movies currently in development.
This is a very exciting time and Steve is looking forward to the challenges and rewards of
working a busy schedule in the entertainment industry!

IG: Steve Hoff (@steve_hoff_seeker) • Instagram photos and videos

YouTube; What’s up? With Steve – YouTube