28 Subscription Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful

Because nothing says “I know you so well” like a charcuterie subscription

We all know the stress that comes with the typical holiday season. Trying to figure out whose side of the family you’re going to visit, calculating the logistics of fitting a holiday turkey inside your tiny condo oven and—most importantly—finding the *perfect* gifts for everyone on your holiday list. But what do you do when you can’t figure out exactly what the perfect gift for your step-dad is? Why not try a subscription service in lieu of a gift card?

Long thought of as the easy and impersonal way out of gift giving, subscription services have gained a meh reputation over the years as the choice of the lazy and uninventive. And we want to throw that stereotype right out the window. Because yes, there is such thing as a thoughtful subscription service (or gift card, for that matter). Whether it’s a monthly charcuterie subscription that shows your BFF just how well you know her (and her tastebuds) or a streaming service for the Anglophile on your list, we’ve rounded up the most thoughtful subscriptions for this holiday season.

Prepare to impress!

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