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Spotlight on the Paranormal: Dave & Ann Bender

Dave was born in Long Island, New York.  At age 8, his family returned to their roots in Montana and the Rocky Boy Indian Tribe.  Under his uncle Dan (a Chippewa-Cree), he was mentored as a medicine man.  He grew up learning his tribe’s stories of spirits and how to help others.  After relocating to California he carried on his family’s tradition of healing by founding his first paranormal team, API.

Dave enjoys working in the film industry in his spare time.  He writes screenplays and studies gemstones.  He works with children during the day as a Service Coordinator.

He met his wife, Ann, in 2003 and they both enjoy a beautiful daughter.

Ann was raised in Michigan on her family’s farm.  Her first memories are not of horses and flowers, but of the spirits and past events in the family home.  Unfortunately, it terrified her parents when she spoke of people, events, and places she had never seen.  She recently shared her experience on an episode of Haunted Hospitals in Season 4.

She spent her early adulthood using her abilities while working as a paramedic and radiology technologist while using her gifts.  When living in Washington, her nearby neighbor was a serial killer, Robert Lee Yates Jr.  Every time he murdered a woman, she dreamed through his victims’ eyes of his victim’s last moments.  This drove her to better understand how she could actively help others and not just sit by as a bystander.

In 2003 she moved to California and met her husband, Dave Bender.  She works as a master dowser alongside Dave and a close team of dedicated professionals.  For families with delicate questions, the dowsing rods can answer without a word being spoken.

Their daughter is also very gifted.  This only strengthens both Ann and Dave’s desire to continue to learn more about the paranormal.  All team members strive to help anyone afraid of what cannot be seen.  Ann specializes in helping children and police agencies to locate solid evidence.  Cold cases are of special interest to Ann because all hope has been exhausted by traditional means.

Both Benders also love teaching about the paranormal.  They held their first conference, Ghost Rush, in 2008 in Volcano, CA.  “Sharing our knowledge of unexplained events is how all of the paranormal field can help even more people”, says Dave.  The Benders have taught film students, to high schoolers, to adults, to 4H families over the years. ” Teaching is just a part of what we do on every investigation.”

The Bender Family Paranormal Team never charges for any service.  However, donations for supplies, gas, and to local animal shelters are graciously accepted.

Here are a few links to the Bender’s activities over the years:

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