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Dr. Claude Vince Swanson – We Remember

Dr. Claude Vince Swanson, passed away peacefully on June 28th, 2022 in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 75.

Born on December 29, 1946, to Claude Sr and Dolly Swanson, Claude was driven by an intense curiosity about the world around him. He pursued a career in applied physics, earning his undergraduate degree at MIT and winning the Borden Prize for the highest freshman GPA. He earned a PhD in Physics at Princeton while receiving both the National Science Foundation and Putnam Fellowships, and continued his research as a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University. Following a leadership position at the Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, he founded his own consulting company, Applied Physics Technology, inc., that carried out studies in applied physics for commercial and government agencies.

But Claude was most passionate about understanding the phenomena that science could not explain. His first pursuit as a graduate student was unified field theory, an ambitious field of physics research that seeks to unite all the governing theories of force and matter in the universe into a single framework. By his accounting, the science of the paranormal was an essential missing piece of that framework. His deep curiosity and this conviction drove his investigations into the paranormal that he documented and shared with the world through his published volumes: The Synchronized Universe (I); Lifeforce (II); and Science of the Soul (III).

His research, his passions, his life’s work and his deepest commitment were in pursuit of what he felt was his purpose: to learn and teach how we humans are more than our physical bodies. As an expert on the science of the paranormal, he was an influential author and speaker in the community, and was professionally affiliated with the Monroe Institute, Forever Family Foundation, MUFON, and many others. He was deeply grateful for the close friendship and intellectual openness that he found in these communities.

Claude was shaped by his early life growing up in Gretna, Virginia, as the oldest brother to his four siblings: Tom, Mary Ellen, Patricia and James. He played clarinet in the school band, was an Eagle Scout and paper boy, helped teach his classmates physics, worked at the local grocery store and helped his father in the summer on his family’s several farms. Claude is survived by his two children, Alexandra and William, and their mother Marian; his siblings, Mary Ellen, Patricia and James; and his grandchild, Oliver. He was sensitive, brilliant, loving, complex, and gentle, and we miss him dearly.

A memorial service to celebrate his life and work is being planned for later in the summer in Virginia. We hope to hold a virtual service alongside the in-person event to share this celebration with the many, many people he touched through his life. If you are interested in attending and would like to receive information on the service, please email claude.swanson.memor[email protected]

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