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‘Cirica’ by Lola Montes to Exhibit at Vito Schnabel Gallery

Vito Schnabel Gallery will exhibit Lola Montes’ Cirica, inspired by Sicily’s Homeric myths. Its title is derived from the island’s Cirica peninsula, where fishermen assemble to collect antique shards of Roman and Greek ceramic from the sea. According to mythology, Circe, daughter of Helios, lived in Cirica, and she was the enchantress of Ulysses who transformed his crew into swine. The goddess Circe was known for her ability to transform humans into other forms to punish them or reveal their true inner nature.

Throughout the last two decades, Lola Montes has consistently experimented with cross-mediums, applying her vision to painting, sculpture, and film. Cirica presents the artist’s latest ceramic works, which are the result of her recent material research in collaboration with local artisans in Sicily, where she has lived since 2018.

The exhibition opens on November 16th and runs until the 20th of January at 43 Clarkson Street in New York City.

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