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Iglooghost Announces New Album ‘Tidal Memory Exo’, Shares New Single

Irish producer Seamus Malliagh, aka Iglooghost, has announced a new album, Tidal Memory Exo, his debut for LUCKYME®. It’s set to arrive on May 10, and the first single ‘Coral Mimic’ is out today. Check it out and find the album cover and tracklist below.

“‘Coral Mimic’ is my go at a new local subgenre people are calling Post-Coil,” Iglooghost commented in a statement. “I made it on a horrible corrosive drum sequencer that can only be touched with gloves on. Every 4 minutes the LCD display gets obscured by an internal fuel leakage, so I had to keep stopping so I could siphon the excess diesel out in time. The tune turned out alright but you can tell I’m clearly really pissed off cos of the technical issues distracting me.”

Opening up about the new record, Ighlooghost said: “Tidal Memory Exo is an album I made while living in a rust-ridden flooded squat in a weird UK seaside town. The area has been in an endless storm, causing strange otherworldly primordial garbage to be washed to shore. It’s basically only populated by rogue junk-hoarding scrap weirdos right now. I’ve been trying to get involved in the music scene that’s bubbling up locally. There’s lots of weird new mutated genres and illegal radio stations popping up – completely isolated from the rest of the country because of this massive storm. They don’t really like me, but I sort of wormed my way in and finally got this album together. Tunes about oceanic scum, illegal teletext transmissions, & the prehistoric trilobite angels lurking in the sewers.”

Tidal Memory Exo Cover Artwork:

Tidal Memory Exo Tracklist:

1. Blue Hum
2. New Species
3. Alloy Flea
4. Coral Mimic
5. Spawn01 [feat. Cyst]
6. flux•Cocoon
7. Pulse Angel
8. Echo Lace
9. Nemat0de
10. Chlorine•FM
11. Germ Chrism
12. Dew Signal
13. Geo Sprite Exo

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