Chris Hemsworth Originally Wanted To Audition For Mad Max: Fury Road But The Role Went To Tom Hardy: ‘The Rest Is History’

Chris Hemsworth‘s aspirations to join the gritty world of Mad Max did not begin with his casting in the upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. In a candid new interview, the Thor star shared that before his time as Marvel’s God of Thunder catapulted him to international stardom, he sought a role in one of the best Mad Max movie entries, 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. The part that ultimately went to Tom Hardy marked a significant moment of reflection and motivation for one of the best Chrises.

During an in-depth Entertainment Weekly article about Furiosa, featuring insights from director George Miller and co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Tom Burke, the MCU veteran actor shared how his initial rejection for Fury Road became a critical motivational moment. This experience intensified his resolve to push his limits as an actor, driven by his profound admiration for George Miller’s directorial vision—a sentiment that played a crucial role in his eventual casting in the Furiosa project. The Ghostbusters alum expressed his transformative journey, saying:

[I] couldn’t even get a call or a meeting or anything. I just hadn’t done enough to warrant that.

Hemsworth had his eyes firmly set on the gritty role of Max Rockatansky as he was saying goodbye to the breezy shores of the Australian soap opera Home and Away. In 2010, just before Marvel deemed him worthy enough to pick up Mjölnir, he had his sights set on the role of Max in the film Mad Max: Fury Road. At the time, the Rush star struggled to break into larger film roles and had not yet made enough impact to secure callbacks for major parts. However, the role of Max went to Tom Hardy instead.

Fast forward a few years, after Chris Hemsworth had become a household name through his portrayal of one of Earth’s Mightiest heroes, he saw a screening of George Miller’s 2015 incredible action movie and Mad Max revamp and was blown away by the film’s wild ride. He was so impressed by the director’s work that he immediately contacted his agent, eager to work with him. The Star Trek veteran was determined to take on any project that could match the adrenaline rush he felt while watching Fury Road. The rest, as they say, is history. He continued:

… It lit a fire under his ass, though: I was completely absorbed and taken for the adventure and the ride. I said, ‘I’ve got to work with this guy, he’s a genius.’ And then, the rest is history.

Cinematic history, indeed. But luckily for Chris and his fans, he’s getting another bite at the Mad Max apple.

Furiosa is speeding ever closer to the 2024 movie release schedule and smashing into our collective eye sockets. Mad Max: Fury Road was a high-octane ride starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron that became a fan, especially Theron’s scene-stealing Furiosa. The upcoming spin-off/origin story sees Anya Taylor Joy donning the mechanical arm originated by Charlize. And though the movie has not been released yet, based on the first Furiosa trailer alone, the role seems to be in a more than capable mech hand.

As for Hemsworth, though he isn’t stepping into Max’s boots, he is set to play an over-the-top villain, Dementus. It became immediately clear from the film’s first footage that the character has a taste for theatrics, as baddies often do. And I am so excited to see the Blackhat star wearing the mustache-twirling baddie’s prominent nose when the flick drops on May 24.

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