Rupert Grint Jokes About What He Would Go Back And Change If He Could Film Harry Potter Again

Rupert Grint starred in eight Harry Potter movies as Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley. His character is known for fighting evil with his friends as well as his comedy charms whenever things go wrong. But, the British actor jokes about what he would like to go back and change about his Harry Potter filming experience if he could.  

The Dream It “Enter the Wizard World” Convention in Paris had adoring fans meet with seven Harry Potter actors through photo ops, autographs, and QAs where burning questions were answered. Rupert Grint was asked what he would change about the Harry Potter movies if he could. Here is his joking response in the Facebook reel below:

Well, my hair. In the fourth movie, I’m not a fan of my hair. It was kind of this very long little thing.

I’d have to agree with Rupert Grint on that front. I wonder if that’s another reason why the ginger-haired actor previously said he couldn’t watch past the third movie as his beloved character got older. In The Goblet of Fire, it really did look like it was the movie where everyone in the cast was starting to grow longer hair maybe to symbolize the aging of the Hogwarts students. While I was fine with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s hair growing longer in that movie, Grint could have done without the ‘70s style straight hair. Fortunately, that was the only film in the series where he donned that hair-don’t.

Any changes I would make about Ron Weasley in the films would be that the strong points of his character shown in the books should have made it into the films. While Hermione is considered the smart one of the trio, the J.K. Rowling series showed Ron had a lot of knowledge of how the Wizard World worked based on being born and raised among magical folks. 

There were also a lot of moments in the books where Ron was there for his friends like how he was willing to die to save Harry in The Prisoner of Azkaban book, whereas they had Hermione be the one to do that in the Alfonso Cuarón movie. It seems like the films used Rupert Grint’s character as a comic relief. It’s no wonder why the Sick Note actor was offered sidekick roles after his Harry Potter run ended. Maybe the upcoming HBO Max show will develop our favorite red-haired wizard more.

Another major factor I would change about Ron Weasley in the movie was his relationship with Hermione. While the books showed the two Hogwarts students going through their bickering, we did feel the love between the two. In the movies, it looked like Hermione had more adorable moments with Harry. Plus, the filming angle of the long-awaited big kiss scene could have been without the back of Grint’s head. As the Driving Lessons actor believes his character and Hermione are divorced by now, maybe the new TV series will better show that romance too.

Rupert Grint’s joke about not being fond of his hair in The Goblet of Fire is incredibly relatable. After all, we all have hairstyles growing up that make us cringe looking back. I’d like to believe that whoever ends up playing Ron Weasley in the upcoming HBO Max series won’t repeat the same look from the fourth movie. 

You can see Rupert Grint and the rest of your favorite Harry Potter actors in all of the movies on your Max subscription and your Peacock subscription. Be on the lookout for the new Harry Potter series that’s expected to appear on your streaming schedule in 2026.

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