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Weir’s Beach Arcade Fun and Ghosts

When I was fifteen I started working in Weirs beach New Hampshire at the Halfmoon arcade. Well, they owned a few buildings including the Winnipesaukee marketplace. When I was a kid I used to tell my fellow neighborhood children about there being a ghost there. Little did I know how right I was. My first experience happened in the basement. Our bathrooms were located down there and I was washing my hands when I heard someone running around right above me. Now the business was divided into three restaurants. Up front was the ice cream place and sub shop and out back was the Italian restaurant. Above where I was, was the kitchen. Thinking it was my co-worker trying to scare me I run upstairs. There was no one there and the kitchen was locked. I went over to scoops and asked John who was my co-worker and if he had been in the restaurant he said no and the line of customers agreed that he hadn’t left. Then I asked if it was our boss. He said no because he is walking up the stairs right now.  I kinda shrugged it off a bit startled and went back to work.
 The place is seasonal so it’s opened during the summer my next encounter didn’t happen until the following year. That summer we had gotten a new chef for the Italian restaurant and he thought he could tell me what to do. We argued he left and that left me alone in the building. As I am cleaning I hear bang bang bang. Thinking it was the carpenters I went to say hello. No one was out back, I was still hearing it so I went into the basement. No one. Hmm, I was not really getting anxious. So I headed up to the second-floor storage area. Nothing but the sound was getting louder. I went around the corner and was going to head to the third floor. As soon as I set foot on the staircase I got this heavy feeling in my chest and the feeling I should leave. The banging was even louder up there. I quickly ran outside and down to the arcades to tell my boss I was done for the day. Two weeks later during motorcycle week, it was super busy. I was trying to train for both the ice cream and the sub shop. I am taking an order when the light fixture flew down and almost hit me and my co-worker. At the same time, all the pizza pans sitting on top on overflew off and landed in the trash. And that’s just some of the stuff that’s happened over the years. I have taken pictures of orbs and had photos come out distorted. As well as heard disembodied voices. One day I was walking home when something told me to look up. On the third floor in the center window, there was a woman. She had on a black Victorian dress and she looked very sad she was there only a moment then gone. As a teenager, all this activity scared me but also influenced me to become a paranormal investigator. I have had many experiences over the years but never as much as working in the weirs beach area. Definitely a hotspot.

Submitted by: Tanya Sharman

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