Randy Travis Shares Epic Dance Moment With a Flight Attendant

What do you do if you’re a flight attendant and you see your favorite country star sitting in the front row? Well, if you’re the Southwest Airlines crew whose flight roster recently included Randy Travis, you throw a party.

That’s exactly what happened on a recent flight, when the airline crew saw the country star board their aircraft. Apparently, at least some of the flight attendants were big Travis fans — they even played his music as passengers boarded, according to video footage filmed by another passenger on the plane.

That same clip also shows an epic dance party moment between Travis and one of the flight attendants. Travis was sitting in the front row of one of the plane’s sections, and as she was giving the safety demonstration, the flight attended was cracking jokes and hamming it up to make the country singer smile.

Of course, the mega-watt grin Travis gave in response made the moment even more special, as he laughed and applauded in appreciation of the flight attendant’s special performance.

As he’s continued recovery since his 2013 stroke, Travis has remained an avid supporter of country music, and frequently pops up at younger artists’ shows as a fan. The country legend’s warm, supportive and goofy presence also extends to social media: He frequently has fans cracking up on TikTok with his love of silly filters, viral trends and powerful musical moments.

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