‘Suitable Flesh’ – First Look at Barbara Crampton in Lovecraft-Based Horror Movie

Based on H.P. Lovecraft‘s The Thing On The DoorstepJoe Lynch’s (Wrong Turn 2, Mayhem, “Creepshow”) new movie Suitable Flesh will be World Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this coming June as part of the festival’s “Escape from Tribeca” lineup.

Speaking of which, the official “Escape from Tribeca” preview trailer shared by the festival today gives us our first look at Barbara Crampton and Graham Skipper in Suitable Flesh.

Check it out below and expect more soon.

Barbara Crampton stars in Suitable Flesh, exec produced by Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator). The script was written by Dennis Paoli, the writer of Re-Animator and From Beyond!

Both films, of course, were Lovecraft adaptations, and Crampton starred in both. With Paoli, Yuzna, Crampton, and Lynch all involved, this new one should be something very special.

In Suitable Flesh, “After murdering her young patient, a once-esteemed psychiatrist helplessly watches her life spiral into a nightmarish maelstrom of supernatural hysteria and gruesome deaths, all linked to a seemingly unstoppable ancient curse.” Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, Bruce Davison, Johnathon Schaech, and Jonah Ray also star.

Joe Lynch said in a recent statement, “When I read Dennis Paoli’s adaptation of the story, I felt like there was a fantastic opportunity to update and subvert Lovecraft’s often old-fashioned sensibilities in a way that felt modern, relevant and even dangerous, with a pinch of 90’s neo-noir and a dash of eroticism to spice up the stew. Working with Amp and such a fantastic cast – including Heather, Judah, Barbara, Bruce and Johnathon – we’re so excited that this sexy, funny, scary film isn’t just a modernized love letter to Lovecraft, but the kind of provocatively entertaining “sin-ema” I believe audiences are salivating for!”

Barbara Crampton added, “We’ve been so fortunate to work with top talent both behind and in front of the camera on our recent films. At Amp it’s about developing not only memorable, thought-provoking material for an audience, but also fresh and unusual enough to attract the very best creative collaborators. I was ecstatic when first the formidable Joe Lynch, then Heather Graham signed on – her natural charm is always in evidence, but we get to see a different untapped side of her abilities here. I’ve been thrilled to be invited to join seasoned pros at Amp, and we are only getting started.”

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