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OPERATION MOBILITY Is Mobilizing The World To Provide Upward Mobility To Our Vets.


Veterans Green Projects Initiative (VGPI) Foundation, is a veteran-operated 501(c)3, with a  mission. 

Providing funds for job creation, job placement, housing assistance, and educational services to veterans, their dependents, and transitioning active-duty military by leveraging Veterans Green  Projects Initiatives and all other business affiliates that have offered VGPI Foundation their resources.  

With diverse business partners that have already mobilized to help such as:  

Veterans Green Coffee is a brand that has been represented by the Randy Jones Foundation;  with a nationwide outreach, they sponsor celebrity golf tournaments and employ veterans, of course.  

Also, Veterans Green Projects, a large electronics waste recycling facility employing numerous veterans and training them in a variety of technical skills also fulfill the “green” mission with its environmental focus. 

VGPI has recently launched OPERATION MOBILITY as a rapid response program to deliver a  donated Toyota Mobility Van to a disabled veteran in our community. OPERATION MOBILITY  quickly became a multi-faceted approach involving all of the VGPI partners that represent a wide diversity of industries. The mixture of business (employing veterans) created a way for veterans that have now been employed, to feel mobilized to help another veteran in great need.  The Mobility Van was a gift from a retired WWII Navy Veteran. “They wanted to know that the van would go to a deserving veteran and VGPI was given the honor by being selected,” said  Michael Malott, founder and chairman of the San Diego-based foundation. Although saddened  to learn of the 100-year-old veteran’s passing, “We have been trusted to turn over command of  this van to a deserving veteran, and that is the silver lining as I see it.” Malott said, “Details will be coming soon as to how the public can recommend someone and how we will be accepting qualified applicants; be sure to follow us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.” 

The song, “This Van” was commissioned by producer & engineer Keith “Baz” Barrows (Nancy  Sinatra, Earth Wind & Fire, U2, Rage Against the Machine) and marked a new phase in  OPERATION MOBILITY that led to an internal “Rock`n’Roll for Vets” campaign. As artists like  Don Randi (Wrecking Crew) a producer and musical director became involved it took on an 80’s  vibe reminiscent of “We Are the World.” We have talent from legends in the rock world: Clem  Burke (Blondie, Ramones) and Gilby Clarke (Guns & Roses, Heart). Baz & Malott who have led  360 TV Network & 360 Studios can now provide awareness through music videos,  documentaries, and existing shows on the TV network. We love the fact they see this as a way to help with the upward mobility of American Veterans and use Rock to send the message out to the masses.  

360 Studios LTD finished its recent season of a show, Nashville’s Next Best of 3 with another talented musician being brought to the stage front and a show format that attracted Kid Rock.  The next season will be at his club in Nashville. Awareness for vets by using music to move people isn’t the only trick in the bag. 360 STUDIOS LTD is in the early phase of production of the series  Combat Pugilist, a mixed martial arts battle held within a ring where combatants use pugil sticks like the military uses in training for combat. All of this production is an integral part of raising awareness and establishing opportunities and upward mobility for Veterans related to  Employment, Housing, Education, and Training.  

The degree to which the business partners of VGPI have been committed shows that there is only opportunity and success ahead for American Veterans with the launch of OPERATION  MOBILITY. You will find more information on the VGPI Foundation website at or email [email protected].  

VGPI Foundation is honored to launch the movement: 

OPERATION MOBILITY is mobilizing the world to provide upward mobility to vets.

[email protected]

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