Intrigue Mystery Suspense Captured in Martin Nuza’s “IN Tenebras, Into the Darkness”

In July, a new feature film by award-winning producer and director Martin Nuza was shot in Gibraltar. The film is based around the true events of the Second World War, when a German U-Boat was captured in Gibraltar carrying a cargo of Gold bars. Fearing an attack by the Germans called Operation Felix, the British buried the gold inside the rock of Gibraltar so it wouldn’t be captured and used to finance the war effort against the Allied Forces.

Three grandchildren of one of the British soldiers that buried the gold back in 1941, arrive in Gibraltar with a treasure map that reveals where the gold was buried, played by local Gibraltar actors Anthony Loddo, Johan Wickholm and Rebecca Davis.

At the same time an elite member of the British army are doing training missions in and around Gibraltar played by the International famous actors, Michael Pare, Costas Mandylor, Tayah Kansik and Franky Lancaster.

However, we soon discover a sinister plan is unfolding called “Tenebras.” The grandchildren begin their search for the gold inside the labyrinth of tunnels inside the rock and soon get lost. The military are called in to help with search and rescue, but things take a bad turn for the worst and the search and rescue mission quickly turns into a survival game.

The film explores suspense, thriller and action combined. ‘We were granted unrestricted access to use the WW2 tunnels inside Gibraltar for this film. We also used the original General Dwight Eisenhower WW2 command base and office inside the rock. Again, something never before authorized for any production. So, we showcase these in the movie” – Martin Nuza explained.

Special thank you to the following companies for providing essential resources to make the movie in Gibraltar. The Sunborn Hotel. M.H. Blands Group of Companies. Continent 8 Technologies. H.M. Gibraltar Government. H.M. Customs (Marine Section). Gibraltar Port Authority. Broken Hand Productions. Temple Gate Films LLC. Shaniah Productions. Drone Air. Saccone & Speed. Anglo Hispano and a special thank you to Nadezhda Vulova Nuza.

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