Ali Larter Gets Haunted In ‘The Diabolical’, Now Streaming on SCREAMBOX [Trailer]

In case you missed it earlier this week… Tis the season to be scary, as Bloody Disgusting announces the acquisition of three new holiday horror titles for the SCREAMBOX streaming service – Secret Santa, Night of the Missing, and Santastein will make the long winter’s nights anything but silent!

Since Black Christmas, holiday films have been a refreshing sub-genre within horror. These films offer a much-needed contrast to the “all is well” narrative that is so often depicted in seasonal films. The angst and anxiety of holiday horror offer a cathartic release because for many the holidays are not perfect, and we don’t see ourselves in the yuletide rom-coms.

We’re thrilled to be releasing these films because they offer something for everyone; whether you want to laugh, scream or just have fun, you can find it on SCREAMBOX!


The first of the three films we’re unwrapping is Secret Santa, which hails from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday director Adam Marcus!

In the film…

“As friends and family gather near, to celebrate another holiday season, they have no idea a murderer lies in their midst. With drinks flowing, a distant and dysfunctional, affluent family is unaware that their yuletide libations are laced with a truth serum that will bring holy hell down on their holiday gathering. When secrets begin to spill, the tension starts to rise until it escalates into a murderous rampage that Krampus would be proud of. But through the bobbles and bloodshed, one among them is desperate to stop the mayhem before it’s too late.”

From director Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) comes the story of a holiday guest bearing anything but glad tidings. Co-written by Marcus and Debra Sullivan (Texas Chainsaw), Secret Santa is one of the most highly anticipated holiday horror films in years. Called “a nearly perfect holiday horror film,” by Horror Geek Life, the publication went on to say the film “blends laughter with blood, death and gore in a nearly perfect way, while managing to have a heart, and still feel like a holiday film.”

Secret Santa stars Michael Rady (“Timeless”), Debra Sullivan (“Big Love”) and comedian Drew Lynch. The film premiered at the Sitges Film Festival and was produced by Bryan S. Sexton with John Gilbert & Robert Kurtzman acting as executive producers.

Be sure to add this title to your Christmas list because it is the gift that keeps on giving. With chaos, blood and plenty of laughs, we can guarantee yule love it!

It will arrive on VOD and stream exclusively on SCREAMBOX this coming November 7th.


As the yuletide hour nears, a small-town sheriff finds out that the ghosts of the past do not always stay silent…

From award-winning filmmaker Samuel Gonzalez Jr. (Nite Flirt), Night of the Missing follows a series of disappearances that take place in a small town. On a stormy  Christmas Eve, a secretive sheriff gets a visit from a mysterious woman who recounts a series of bizarre stories involving missing persons. As her stories begin to unfold, the depraved deeds of the sleepy town find themselves coming to life; conjuring vibrations of a disturbing telephone call, a mysterious ice cream man, a missing friend, and broken promises with dire repercussions.

As the disturbing tales continue to unravel, the most terrifying revelation may be that the monster behind them is much closer than anyone thinks.

From the producers of The Gallows, Night of the Missing is a four-part holiday anthology that could best be described as a twisted take on “A Christmas Carol.” Featuring an incredible cast, led by horror icons Bill Moseley (House of 1000 Corpses, Night of the Living Dead) and Jenna Kanell (Renfield, Terrifier), the film also stars Gigi Gustin, Meredith ThomasSheila BallJustin Miles and Stephon “Swerve” Strickland.

Night of the Missing is gory, frightening and able to meld these differing stories into a wonderfully disturbing narrative!

Night of the Missing arrives on VOD and streams exclusively on SCREAMBOX November 28.


Santa Lives!

Here comes Santa Claus has never been such a sinister warning…

Following its triumphant premiere at this year’s Popcorn Frights Film Festival, the horror-comedy Santastein is ready to wreak havoc on a whole new audience. “The perfect comfort-watching stocking stuffer,” as Josh at the Movies describes it, the film follows a young man who brings a serial killer Santa Claus back to life. Written and directed by Manuel Camilion & Benjamin Edelman, the film was produced by Fernanda Lamuño, Leonardo Pereira, Vasisth Sukul & Natalie Veater and will be released as a SCREAMBOX Exclusive in December.

“Santastein tells the story of two friends (Max & Paige) with a rather peculiar hobby, they like to bring things back from the dead. With their first successful rodent resurrection, they set their sights on something bigger, following in the footsteps of Frankenstein himself. When they decide to bring back the body of a man dressed like Santa Claus, Max feels it is his chance to right the wrongs of his past; having accidentally killed Father Christmas when he was six. What they don’t realize is that instead of a jolly gift giver, they unleash a bloodthirsty monster. When Santa attacks their friend’s Christmas party, it’s up to them to take the holiday icon down.”

Sometimes a film comes along and all you can say is that is exactly what I needed. Santastein is the kind of playful and ridiculous film that makes holiday horror such a unique genre. You’re going to walk away thinking, damn that was fun.

Santastein arrives on SCREAMBOX and VOD platforms this December, just in time for the holidays!


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