Trailer: Kate Winslet Leads Biographical Drama ‘Lee’

Roadside Attractions has released the trailer for Lee, its upcoming biographical drama, starring Kate Winslet. It’s based on American war correspondent and photographer Lee Miller. The film is scheduled to arrive in theaters on September 27.

“Lee begins in the late 1930s, as Hitler amasses power in Germany. Miller (Winslet) leaves her world and her artistic circle of friends behind in France, and travels to London, having fallen wildly in love with the art dealer Roland Penrose. The two embark on a passionate relationship, then war breaks out in Europe. Already a renowned photographer, Miller gains a job completing assignments for British Vogue, but is shocked by the restrictions placed on female photographers. As Hitler’s regime takes over Europe, Miller grows increasingly frustrated that her work is constrained by patriarchal rules, leaving her documenting the British home front.” reads the synopsis. “Determined to be where the action is she defiantly pushes against the establishment and with the blessing of her friend and editor Audrey Withers, Miller overcomes enormous obstacles and gets herself to the frontline of World War II. Immediately compelled to document the truth she turns her lens in the direction of suffering, and slowly begins to reveal the horrific loss of life due to Hitler’s diabolical crimes against the innocent victims of his regime. Lee Miller carried out this dangerous work for the sake of the female readers of Vogue Magazine, from whom the reality of war was largely kept hidden. The film follows Miller and Life Magazine photographer David E. Scherman pushing behind enemy lines as the Nazi empire crumbled.”

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