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Pom Pom Squad Return With New Song ‘Downhill’

Pom Pom Squad have returned with a new single, ‘Downhill’. It marks the Brooklyn-based band’s first new music since their 2021 debut LP Death of a Cheerleader. Listen to it below.

“In my everyday life, I’m pretty reserved and shy so it’s odd, even to me, that I feel this pull to be on stage – to put my music out and open myself up to everything that comes with that,” the band’s Mia Berrin said in a statement. “When I was writing ‘Downhill’ I was thinking a lot about the push-pull between those opposing sides of my personality. Sometimes being ambitious feels like being self-destructive and I wanted to explore the line between the two. Also, it’s been nearly three years since I’ve released anything new so this song feels like my reintroduction to the world. Pom Pom Squad is soooo back, baby!”

Check out our Artist Spotlight interview with Pom Pom Squad.

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