Bonnie Bartlett Daniels Guests On “If These Walls Could Talk” With Hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

Who else but hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss could “spill the tea” on their weekly show “If These Walls Could Talk” live from Pangea Restaurant on the Lower Eastside of NYC, with their unique style of honest, and emotional interviews, sharing the fascinating backstory of celebrities, entertainers, recording artists, writers and artists and bringing their audience along for a fantastic ride.

Bonnie Bartlett Daniels will be a featured guest on “If These Walls Could Talk” with hosts Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 at 2 PM ET live from the infamous Pangea Restaurant.


Wendy Stuart is an author, celebrity interviewer, model, filmmaker and along with If These Walls Could Talk she hosts TriVersity Talk, a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community.


Tym Moss is a popular NYC singer, actor, and radio/tv host who recently starred in the hit indie film “JUNK” to critical acclaim.


Who Is Bonnie Bartlett Daniels? What Is the “Middle of the Rainbow”?


“You probably know me from my acting career over the last 70 years – over 200 films and TV appearances including my Emmy-winning role on St. Elsewhere. When I decided to write my memoir, however, I was not interested in doing a celebrity tell-all. That is not who I am. And while I include plenty of showbiz stories (including my relationships with the likes of Marilyn Monroe), my overall story takes the reader on my journey to womanhood and sexual maturity.”


“As I have been fortunate to continue working as an actress, the book takes us all the way from my first job on a live TV soap opera in the 1950s to my work on recent shows such as Better Call Saul.”


“Throughout the book, I describe my 70-year marriage to actor William Daniels and how we made it through these last seven decades together. As you know, it is extremely rare for Hollywood couples to last a lifetime like that. It was not easy – it still is not (though it is easier).”


“Ultimately, I came to realize and understand that even during the worst of times, I had to learn to love my life as if it were a rainbow “with a pot of gold at both ends.”” – Bonnie Bartlett Daniels


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